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We love brands that are uncompromising, meaning they won’t give up ethics or aesthetics for the other. Copenhagen-based Mater is a contemporary design studio with a 360 vision, consciously incorporating sustainability in every aspect of their business.

Thanks to Yume – a sustainability focused concept store and studio based in Nordhavn, Copenhagen – we’re currently discovering a whole new range of brands on the forefront of ethical and eco-friendly design and interior. That’s the fun thing about sustainability, no matter how much you think you know, you’re still only in the beginning of discovering all the amazing labels, people and organizations out there working towards the same green goal. This gives so much hope, and inspiration.

As interior design enthusiasts, we’re especially happy to have found Mater (not the soap manufacturer this time) meaning ‘mother’ in Latin – a conscious and ethical design brand founded in Copenhagen in 2006, today with three beautiful concept store and showroom spaces called ‘Mater Earth Galleries” in Copenhagen, London and Hamburg. These locales showcase how the products are made, with what materials, and how the ethical profile is converted into design objects. While still in the Danish capital, we hope to be able to pay them a visit to browse their own collection as well as the selection of design and lifestyle pieces offered from other like-minded creators.

Aesthetically, the Scandinavian minimalism that we love is a strong influence in Mater’s designs, which are made with sustainably or ethically sourced materials, and a big emphasis on craftsmanship and supporting people and local craft traditions – striving to minimize adverse social and environmental impacts throughout the entire value chain. Favoring pure, durable materials that will last over time, the collection is mainly made with renewable or FSC certified wood, and recycled or reused waste and scrap materials; sometimes integrated with low energy light sources. The result is equally satisfying to the eye and conscience.   


Visit Mater here to find out more and follow them here.

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