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Brand to Watch: Bakari

Posted in Style
by Johanna Andersson on 6 September, 2018

Artisan made bags and accessories from Spain is currently what’s on our minds. Stumbling across the Bakari brand – created by corporate law practitioner turned designer Carmen López – we took an instant liking to their unusual way of pairing leather with wood, as well as their mindful approach to fashion. With each piece made in close collaboration with local craftsmen, López aims to preserve the tradition and expertise that still exists within the classic handicraft. Working mainly with sustainably sourced materials, she also stresses the importance of being forward-minded while at the same time keeping a relevant design perspective.

Tell us a bit about yourself – who is behind Bakari?

– I am the person who is hiding in the background of Bakari. It is a very personal project for me, as I’ve dreamt of making my passion for fashion and art my true profession ever since I was a child. After graduating in Law and Business, I began entering the world of contemporary jewelry by taking weekend courses. A year after qualifying as a jeweler and completing a Master’s in Design of Fashion Accessories at the IED in Madrid, I decided to take my own path of entrepreneurship and gave life to Bakari – a firm of contemporary fashion accessories that is committed to values such as design, craftsmanship, quality, sustainability and social responsibility.

What is the story behind the brand?

– Bakari is a fusion between the most traditional craftsmanship and the most contemporary designs, which means we create current trends using simple methods. It is a philosophy, a way of being, a commitment, social responsibility and respect for the environment.

What materials do you work with, and how do you source them?

– Wood and leather are the main materials in all our collections. All the materials that are used in each design are sustainable, certified, recycled, or easily recyclable. They attempt to conform according to the recycling policy with upcycling as the best approach. Taking care of the planet is one of the most important ideologies for the brand, and we are committed to play our role so that future generations can continue enjoying nature. All materials used at Bakari are natural and treated with a care that can only be found with craftsmen.

Would you like to share your production process?

– Differentiation, quality and innovation are some of the features that guarantee the seal ‘Made in Spain’. The land of great artisans that make each production a work of art, and which Bakari trusts, creating each of their products by hand with high-quality materials in Spain.

Tell us about your partnership with Coni Association.

– It has been five years since we made this commitment. For each purchase, Bakari gives a percentage of its benefits to the NGO Coni Association – a non-profit organization that provides food, education, sanitation support as well as microfinancing programs for women in developing communities in Guatemala.

What’s up next for Bakari?

– My next collection, Essenza [seen above], is my new proposal for spring-summer 19. It is my 9th collection, and I think that Essenza expresses very well that color is light. It is a visual perception. Energy. Moment. Essenza is about the color and the intensity of the ephemeral. It is a direct reflection, light waves. In close harmony with the nature, this collection absorbs and reflects its essence generating a balance between mimicry and contrast. A balance of refraction and reflection, in which the color shares its prominence with the environment.

The collection is sold online and in the Madrid boutique. Visit Bakari here and follow them here!



Brand to Watch is our regular dispatch of standout labels merging ethics with aesthetics.

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