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Paulina Liffner von Sydow of bag and accessories brand Little Liffner and artist Evelina Kroon found common ground in their creative expressions. The result of the collaboration is currently on display at Bukowskis during Stockholm Fashion Week.

The biannual three-day event known as fashion week is currently in full swing in Stockholm, offering collection previews for next spring and summer. Even though designer Paulina Liffner von Sydow has been successfully running bag and accessories brand Little Liffner since 2012, this is her first time on the official schedule. For the designer’s fashion week debut, she’s teamed up with multidisciplinary artist Evelina Kroon to create a physical space outside of her digital universe to showcase the brand’s SS19 collection Going Places.

The installation – with Kroon’s colorful ‘tape paintings’ as a dynamic backdrop for next season’s bags – as well as a pop up shop will be open to the public on August 29 – September 1 at auction house Bukowskis in Stockholm. The art pieces on display will also be available for purchase during this time.

Tell us about your collaboration – how did it happen and what has the collaborative process looked like?

Paulina: I was researching the internet looking for an interesting creative force to do this project with, and after meeting Evelina for 10 minutes I felt like it just had to be her!  

Evelina: Paulina showed me her inspirations for the brand, the #littleliffnerloves hashtag and this specific collection, and with that as a starting point I began to think about what a space representing all that would look, feel and sound like.  

In what ways do you compliment each other creatively and visually?

Paulina: It’s been an extremely smooth ride working together creatively, we both have quite particular tastes that just happens to overlap a lot.

Designer Paulina Liffner von Sydow together with pieces from Little Liffner’s SS19 collection ‘Going Places’. 


Paulina, this is your first time showing on Stockholm Fashion Week. Why did you choose this to be your debuting season?

I felt it was about time to connect with the outside world and show in a bigger way what we are and where we want to go. Our work is mostly digital so it’s nice to actually do something physical and invite people into this dreamy little universe that we have created at Bukowskis.

How would you describe the SS19 collection and the process of creating it?

– For a brand who loves consistency, we are showing lots of novelty this season, daring to be more artistic in creating organic shapes, sculptural details and updated hardware. We are exploring vintage inspirations further and adding some old school glamour to the contemporary style that is our signature. I was very inspired by the vibe in classic American leisure resorts and ‘50s interiors for this collection. Expect all shades of brown!

Your love for art is evident viewing you Instagram feed and the #littleliffnerloves hashtag – what can you tell us about this interest?

– I grew up with an artist mother, so the interest came early and naturally. I feel like art is a great way to lift your spirit from the everyday grind and put you in an elevated state of mind. It’s also a great exercise in learning to see, which I think is so valuable and useful in all aspects of life.

Evelina, what did you want to achieve through your collaboration with Little Liffner, and how would you describe the result?

– This collaboration with Paulina has been both fun and enriching. When the project came up, it immediately felt like something I wanted to do, so I didn’t hesitate. This type of partnership is exactly how I enjoy working and creating, all within the fields of painting, coloring and set-design. It is also, of course, a fantastic opportunity for me, as a relatively newcomer, to showcase my work in an environment I would not necessarily have had access to otherwise.

– I have previously worked mostly behind the scenes in collaborations with lesser room for my own creative expression. Here, I could work directly with Paulina on establishing a shared vision. The result reflects our easy-going and fruitful process: a happy, colorful, bold and inviting installation; a physical manifestation of what Little Liffner loves.

Why does the Little Liffner brand speak to you?  

– I’m very impressed by her brand! The aesthetics simply talk to me, as well as Paulina’s way of working. Her inspirations and work process are also similar to mine.

What do you find interesting about placing fashion in a fine arts context?

– Art and fashion do not mix that often, and yet they can definitely complete and lift each other. I find that extremely interesting and brave.


Visit Little Liffner here and follow them here!

Artist Evelina Kroon with the ‘tape paintings’ created for Little Liffner’s presentation at Stockholm Fashion Week. Follow her here.

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