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London-based brand Mother of Pearl is one of our current favorites, and even more so after seeing these great films they’ve shot together with Britain’s leading ‘micro-influencers’, all dressed in their most sustainable collection yet.

Kids are often smarter than we are somehow. They know instinctively that it’s important to take care of the animals and the planet while we keep forgetting, and they will always tell it to your face. It’s definitively great to be reminded.
Dressed up in Mother of Pearl’s most sustainable collection to date, these cool kids would easily pass as international fashion week goers, wearing an eclectic mix of prints, colors and fun headwear. Sharing their thoughts on sustainability, they tell us not to use single use plastic or chop the trees down (Jesus will be sad!). Hopefully this lot will grow up to see a world where such things belong in the past, but only we can make that happen.


See more videos and photos on their Instagram

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