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If you follow Emma, you’ve probably taken notice of the many great denim pieces she carry in her wardrobe. She especially favors crisp blue second hand pieces from a time when both quality of fabric and design where at a different level than it is today. Here’s everything you need to know about the everlasting love affair.

Blue denim is sort of your signum – why do you love it so much?

– I tend to go for things that I feel comfortable in, and when I feel comfortable I feel good about myself. And for me, blue denim is a material in which you find durability, timelessness, and comfort all at once.

How did this love affair start?

– It started when I bought my first 501:s in an old vintage shop in London back in 2012. They had that perfect wash and fit. I would pair them with a black crew neck and brogues, and remember feeling like Bob Dylan on one of his vinyl covers from the late ‘70s.

Describe the perfect pair of blue jeans!

– The perfect pair of blue jeans is a crisp blue wash that reminds me of the ocean in the autumn. The waist is high but the legs are roomy. Basically a pair of 501:s from the early ‘80s. They are second hand or dead stock, and the cotton is stiff the first few times you wear them, but after a while, they give in and starts shape after your body.

“The perfect pair of blue jeans is a crisp blue wash that reminds me of the ocean in the autumn”

Do you buy a lot of second hand denim – which are your favorite shops?

– I love to shop in charity shops like Stadsmissionen and Röda Korset. But the best denim finds I’ve made in second hand shops in France and UK.

What do you look for when you’re out on a vintage hunt?

– I look for my size, to begin with. I never get stuff that is too big or small with the intention to make alterations that tend to never happen.

What are your favorite pieces in the wardrobe right now?

– A pair of 501:s that I got from this bearded man in San Jean de Luz that sold only vintage denim and workwear. It’s the first pair of 501’s that I don’t have to fold up to have the right length, which for me is one centimeter over the ankle.

What do you consider to be the best sustainable denim brands at the moment?

– I don’t really want to mention any new brands that produce denim when there are so many amazing second hand jeans out there. But if I have to pick one I’d say Adornment as they remake old jeans and give them a new fit. So does Vetements!


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