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Stockholm-based PR pro and podcast host Camilla Åstrand traded the city heat for a romantic getaway to Mykonos with her boyfriend. Wanting to know all about the glamorous island life, we asked her to send us a postcard.

Where did you go, who did you travel with, and for how long did you stay?

– I went to Mykonos, Greece, with my boyfriend for six days. It was a gift from me for his birthday – he’s impossible to buy gifts for so I always try to give him a short trip. This was also an ideal time as it was the last week I’m aloud to fly before giving birth, so it was a perfect way of having some fun, grown-up time before the baby arrives.

How did you get there?

– We went straight from Stockholm to Mykonos with SAS – I’m such a fan of SAS and always tro to book with them. I actually check where they fly and choose destination after seeing where they fly, especially now when pregnant my Eurobonus card is amazing; I basically never have to wait in line.

Where did you stay?

– We stayed at a boutique hotel called Cavo Tagoo, which I choose for the grown-up vibe and closeness to the city. It was a party-vibe hotel, but still great food – we had the best sushi we’ve ever had there. But next time I would stay closer to the ocean, now we had to take the car to go for a swim.

What were your favorite restaurants, and what are the things to order?

Spilia beach restaurant was amazing – the setting just next by the ocean is unbelievable and the food delicious; I would go for the Mykonian salad. But the best part is the crowd – so many beautiful people to look at. I also loved Nammos Beach Club’s lunch restaurant. The service was warm and welcoming and the food great – this is the place to order seafood. For sushi, our hotel Cavo Tagoo is a must!

How did you spend your time?

– We rented a Smart car and drove to different beach clubs every day to experience something new and to get a grip of our favorites. The last day we just went to our favorite places all over again.

What did you wear?

– Most of the time an Eres bikini, Hermès slippers and a white cotton tunic I bought at a market in Istanbul, or just a light white cotton shirt from Daisy Grace. And loads of jewelry – Mykonos is not the place to be shy with gold!

What have been your favorite beauty products on this trip?

– I used Exuviance ‘Sheer Daily Protector SPF 50’ every day, to protect my face from getting dark spots. It’s so good – you never burn. I’m also obsessed with keeping my hair hydrated, so every night after washing off the salt I used Moroccan oil – both the hair masque and the oil. I can’t live without it.

What did you read/watch/listen to?

– I read two Jo Nesbø books. I love Scandinavian crime, but enjoy it even more when being far away from the crime scene, otherwise I get too scared!

What memory will you bring with you from this trip?

– Dancing by the pool while watching the sunset at our hotel the last night of the trip. I felt so alive and relaxed in the Mykonos vibe. No one even reflected on my baby bump – the staff just gave me yet another mocktail and a smile.

Would you go back? And if so, would you do anything differently?

– I would, but I would save up even more! It’s the most expensive holiday destination I’ve ever visited, to enjoy it you need to have had a very good year…

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