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The summer holidays are in full swing, and we love following all the inspiring people in our Instagram feed as they visit beautiful islands and dream-like places all over the world. Here’s a postcard from Lisa, living calm island life on Ibiza.

Where did you go, who did you go there with and for how long?

– I went to my favorite island Ibiza for a week with my husband, my one-year-old son, two of my best friends and their two kids – my “godchildren”!

Where did you stay, and how was it?

– We stayed in a villa in Pou des Lleo, perfectly situated on a hill but still with walking distance to the ocean and close to some of our favorite spots like Cala Mastella and the restaurant Bigotes.

What do you say to people who think that Ibiza is just parties and house music?

– I wouldn’t know anything about that part of the island – I prefer not to go further south than possibly Santa Eulalia where I do grocery shopping. I stay up North and love the fact that I don’t even have a signal, but love having the local radio stations on though, to get some of the great music but on distance.

– I understand that a lot of people love Ibiza for parties and fancy beach clubs, but I really wish for everyone to go North too, to discover the beautiful, calm and friendly part of the island.

What were your favorite spots on the island?

– Best beaches are Cala Mastella, Cala de S’Aigua Blanca, S’Illot des Renclí and Cala Llentrisca. I have drinks at a shed at Cala Mastella and fish of the day at El Bigotes. I also like Balàfia and Es Pins for food, and La Paloma for people-watching and pasta.

Yes, how about the food?

– Generally, I love all low-key restaurants at small beaches with no menus but just fresh fish, potato and bread with aioli stuffed with so much fresh garlic you can barely breath for days afterwards.

How are they doing on sustainability and things like organic food?

– The fish is caught off the coast. I love that. I also love the local milk and yoghurt. I try to skip imported things, which isn’t very hard. There are food markets everywhere.

What is an appropriate Ibiza wardrobe – according to you?

– I got out of my flip flops once this week. I generally wear breezy shirts over my bikini. Perhaps a pair of cut-off vintage Wranglers. I generally don’t wear spaced-out summer dresses. Simple is always key.

What did you read/watch/listen to?

– I listed to Conversation with Friends, and was a little underwhelmed, to be honest. But it was ok. I also listened to the only 10 songs I had downloaded to offline-mode on my Spotify: a bunch of old Burial songs.

What memory will you bring with you from this trip?

– It was actually a surprise trip for my friend Stefan’s birthday. So I will remember it as “his trip”. A perfect trip with my extended family. My friends’ kids are like my son’s siblings. A lot of love.

Would you go back? And if so, would you do anything differently?

– I would definitely go back. I want to go every summer. I would do the same things and also explore more remote beaches, food markets and local restaurants.


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