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Cold Picnic’s diorama house, featuring their latest collection of artful rugs, does bear some resemblance to a Nacer Khemir movie. The dream-like miniatures – carefully composed by soft hues, bold architecture and beautiful objects – make us want to move in and stay forever.

Designer couple Phoebe Sung and Peter Buer behind New York-based design company Cold Picnic are best known for making artful rugs with suggestive motifs, great for starting conversations. The creative duo has a background in fine art and fashion design, and met in 2006 while still at school – four years prior to launching their mutual line of textiles, macrame home goods, leather accessories and handmade jewelry, which they produce in small family owned factories on Manhattan and in India.
Mainly inspired by landscapes and movies, their portfolio includes a rug collection influenced by the The Passenger by Michelangelo Antonioni, the very successful Private Parts collection featuring boob and penis motifs, and the Interiors: 1974 collection, based on films by Werner Rainer Fassbinder.
Their most recent launch called The Desert Trilogy is named after Nacer Khemir’s Wanderers of the Desert. It’s made up by five rug styles that come in powdery yet vibrant colors, which are set against each other in different pile heights, creating a dynamic 3D effect. Having worked with dioramas for the Passenger and Interior: 1974 collections, Sung and Buer refined the idea for this release by creating different miniature rooms for each rug, forging their love for film, interior design, architecture and sculpture into dreamlike settings; some inspired by Khemir’s films; some by vintage interior books from their home library; some by imagined rooms where they themselves would like to live (we would too).
The result is quite magnetic, and the feeling we get out of the pictures is actually similar to when you’re drawn into a really good movie, and just want to be in it; move in; make it yours. The soft colorways, bold architecture, beautiful detailing and even the tiny ceramics in this attractive desert home are things we’d be pining for in the real life too. Well, it’s lucky that the rugs come in full size at least.  

Visit Cold Picnic here and follow them @coldpicnic!     

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