Tid kvar —

Högsta bud —

Except for the fact that it’s fabulous, here’s 10 reasons why we all need the extra large ‘La Bomba’ hat from Jacquemus this summer – and every summer to come.

1. It’s handmade in France from 100% straw.

2. Which makes it biodegradable.

3. It’s super easy to style. You just need a beach and a pair of panties.

4. You won’t need SPF for your face, neck or shoulders.

5. You won’t need a sun umbrella on the beach.

6. You won’t need to fix your hair.

7. You can get married in it. Danish model and actress Emma Leth did.

8. People won’t get into your private space.

9. People won’t recognize you.

10. People will recognize you from a long distance.


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