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Swedish auction house Bukowskis is launching a direct buy category with a carefully curated selection of vintage objects. The new SHOP section will also be a place for exciting collaborations and inspirational editorial content.

Have you ever found a great piece of furniture at an auction, but lost it to someone else? This happens all the time, and it definitely sucks when it does. Other times, you simply don’t have the time or possibility to participate in an auction for whatever reason, and that perfect object just passes you by.
Bukowskis has taken notice, and decided to cater to a broader audience by offering a direct buy category with fixed prices in a new online SHOP. See it, buy it—simple as that. Of course, the pieces in this curated selection of design, jewelry, watches, carpets and fashion probably won’t go for bargain prices, put that possibility still remains for the regular auction objects. We thought it was pretty brilliant, and after talking to Björn Extergren, manager of intake and sales at Bukowskis, we’re totally convinced.

Why do you believe there is a demand for a Shop category at Bukowskis?

– With the new SHOP category, we’re able to satisfy customers who don’t have the opportunity to wait for a specific auction or those who aren’t comfortable with the bidding process. We also have identified a high demand for a buy direct option from interior designers all around the world, who sometimes have been limited by the auction process itself. The Bukowskis Shop is a great compliment to our other services, offering a new, easy and enjoyable way to buy high quality design objects online.

In what ways will the objects in this category differ from the auction objects?

– The difference from our 24/7 online auction stream is that the objects in the Bukowskis Shop will present a limited but very carefully curated assortment. A selection from some of our foremost categories: design, carpets, jewellery, watches and fashion, similar to our ”theme-auctions”. The objects in the Bukowskis Shop will therefore represent a smaller segment of our total stream of objects and will be offered to a set price, with no additional fees. The assortment will be updated on a regular basis and the objects will initially be in the price range of 3 000 – 40 000 SEK.

How do you make the selection for the ONLINE AUCTION and SHOP segments—what are your criteria for the objects you sell at Bukowskis?

– We want the Shop to be your go-to place for inspiration, and the curated selection has a very clear design focus. Every object that sell at Bukowskis goes through the same process, regardless if it’s selling at auction or in the Shop, where our specialists exams, value and writes a condition report and description including source and provenance. Bukowskis stands for and highly value quality and sustainability, and this is also the framework for the new Shop section.

“The demand for pre-owned objects is higher and trendier than ever”

What can you tell us about the upcoming collaborations? Sounds very interesting!

– This autumn, we are looking forward to presenting inspiring collaborations with carefully selected partners such as furniture producers, interior designers, collectors and vintage lovers. These collaborations—some longer lasting than others—will contribute to an exciting assortment and unique editorial content in the shape of interviews, inspirational interiors and knowledge on how to refine and preserve vintage furniture.

What trends can you see right now by looking at what objects people are most interested in or in search for at the moment?

– The great design era of the 1930’s is more sought after then ever when it comes to furniture, especially from Axel Einar Hjorth and Estrid Ericsson. We also see a high demand for classics from Carl Malmsten, Alvar Aalto and Poul Kjærholm, amongst others. Buying carpets and ceramics are also an easy and affordable way to create a personal and unique home interior, and there we see a great interest in Kelim carpets and modern ceramics from Wilhelm Kåge, Berndt Friberg and Axel Saalto.  

Can you see a change in how people consume pre-owned interior now compared to a couple of years ago, and why do you think this is?

– Absolutely! The demand for pre-owned objects is higher and trendier than ever, which makes us really happy. This is partly due to the digital revolution where we today share and open up our homes to everyone—a modern place where we find inspiration in a way we haven’t seen before. We also see a rising awareness of the importance of sustainability and the opportunity to make a good investment by buying vintage design; not only for yourself but also for our planet.

Check out Bukowskis’ new SHOP here! 

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