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When our colleague Mikaela walked into the office wearing these brand new Oscar Magnuson shades, looking as fly as ever, we were super jealous; not gonna lie. We loved their shape, color and super luxe feel, and when hearing they're sustainable too, we thought we'd almost burst.

Oscar Magnuson is an independent luxury eyewear brand founded in Stockholm in 2006. Being known for their high-quality acetate frames, they’ve only just recently introduced their first collection of sunglasses—all made by hand in Italy from bio-acetate (a completely biodegradable material) with mineral glass lenses.
The line is made up by six different styles—all defined by a sort of contemporary boldness—that comes in four monochrome colorways. Being into classics ourselves, we do agree with Mikaela (how cute is she in this pic?) that the GAFF frame in that subtle shade called “toga red” is a winner, but at the same time, we can’t deny the unbeatable coolness of PRIS.  
Given the chance to have a chat with Oscar Magnuson himself, we naturally had to ask about things like materials and production. Transparency, after all, is the policy. He said he liked the questions. We like his answers.

We love the look of your new sunglasses! Would you care to share the creative process?

– The creative process is a mix of research and impulse. We are inspired by the contemporary creative culture that surrounds us, which can be everything from art to fashion, music and street style. Our designs are simplistic with a strong graphic expression, which makes us part of the contemporary Scandinavian look.  

They’re made by hand in Italy, what else can you tell us about the production?

– We only work with the best materials and highly skilled craftsmen. Acetate production is an art form that takes many years to master. The material derives from nature and will never behave like a synthetic material. One batch of acetate is never like the one before it, and therefore the many steps of production need to be done with attention and precision.

– Our sunglasses are mounted with optical precision glass that is cut by special cutting tools and fixed in the frame by hand. Each frame is heated to reach the exact temperature so the lenses can be fixed in the exact position. A mistake in this process may damage the complete frame and the characteristics of the material.   

The sunglasses are made from bio-acetat. What kind of material is that, and why did you chose it for this collection?

– Bio-acetate is a newly developed cellulose acetate made in Italy in where all synthetic components have been eliminated, making it 100% biodegradable. It also makes the waste generated from the milling process 100% recyclable. The material has been engineered to preserve the unique and exclusive soft touch character only an all-natural product can give.

The lenses are made from mineral glass, why do you prefer this to plastic?

– Mineral glass—also referred to as optical precision glass—is an all-natural material. It is recyclable and has a very long lifespan. The special character of glass makes the optical performance of the lens exceptional. They are also highly scratch resistant and will not deform over time due to heat or wear and tear. Glass can be processed in extreme heat conditions, making the different coatings we use, such as antireflective coating, last a lifetime. All in all, a glass lens clearly outperforms a plastic lens.

How essential are the sustainable aspects of this collection, and how do you work with sustainability in general?

– We try to integrate sustainable thinking in our collection, both optical and sun, wherever it is possible. Choosing sustainable materials without compromising on quality is a natural part of our brand essence. We also know the overall work with quality makes the frames last longer.

– We see our frames as precious objects and hope people will acknowledge that and take care of them accordingly. Sustainability is not only about choosing materials with lower environmental impact, but also about love for your product. We think combining the two is the best way of contributing to a more sustainable future.


Check out the full Oscar Magnuson collection here and follow them on Instagram @oscarmagnusonspectacles

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May 31, 2018

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