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If we were ever unsure before, all doubts are gone now. After experiencing the luxurious fragrances by all-natural perfume brand Abel, we’re ready to give up conventional, chemical-filled perfumes once and for all.

Receiving Abel’s Discovery Set (above) at the office last week made us drop whatever we had at our hands and spend a good while exploring the chic, minimalist packaging and it’s all-natural content. Sniffing through the 1,5 ml bottles labeled “gray labdanum”, “cobalt amber”, “red santal”, “golden neroli” and “white vetiver” was no doubt the highlight of our day, only topped by an individual sample of “green cedar”, which was quickly singled out as a favorite. This semi-masculine scent (though the collection is labeled gender-neutral) is said to hold a blend of twice distilled Texas cedar and wild harvested Atlas Mountain cedar, and we agree that it’s a fully intoxicating combination (confirming this in writing moment).

Abel was founded in Amsterdam in 2012 by former winemaker and New Zealander Frances Shoemack, and her goal was simple: to make the world’s best natural perfume. When looking for her Nose and master of perfume, the choice fell on a fellow New Zealander named Isaac Sinclair who is trained in Paris and Milan but based in São Paulo. Working with the latest natural science and naturally derived single aroma compounds, they’ve managed to create a standout collection of eau de parfum made from 100% natural ingredients. Each fragrance holds a minimum of 15% pure perfume oils, which makes for a concentrated formula said to last on the skin all day.

If you want more detailed information, we recommend a visit to Abel’s online shop where we actually learned a lot. We thought we’d even take the liberty of sharing one of these learnings with you (hope they don’t mind!). So, here’s how to make perfume last longer on the skin, according to Abel. Do read on.  


3 ways to make it last

I Moisturize (with a fragrance free cream or oil) before you apply your perfume as the drier your skin, the more quickly it will absorb the fragrance oils. Perfume applied to your hair and/or clothes will last longer than perfume applied to your skin.

II Think about where you apply your perfume—pulse points are good for the fragrance developing on your skin. However the inside of your wrists isn’t good if you are typing on a computer all day, where it will rub off, or washing your hands regularly, where it will wash off.

III When applied near your nose (i.e. your neck), you become desensitised quickly from the constant smelling, so although others will smell your perfume, you won’t. (In other words: if you want to extend the experience for yourself, opt for other body parts. Editor’s note.) 


Psst! They have a great Instagram too @abelodor

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