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Based on the assumption, or fact, that glass art is making a comeback right now (yes, you might just have to believe it) we’ve listed some of our favorite female artists of the moment.

Thinking about glass art—the way we’ve been used to seeing it—it’s hard not to cringe. Sorry to say it, but however impressive the handcraft, the result is hardly something you’d see in a contemporary interior context or magazine, if you know what we mean; a bit too much of everything. However, the discovery of a new generation female glass artists has totally changed our perspective and awakened our collective desire (never thought the day would come). Presenting applied art with a modern sensibility and feminist agenda, their work has little to do with the outdated idea of the artform that we’d love to put in the past.
So, why this change, and why now? Talking to Anna Bromberg of Galleri Glas, she says it’s a mix of different factors: “Glass blowing has traditionally been a men’s occupation, and right now, more women are educating themselves in glass and ceramics than ever before”. Hence the surfacing of new and interesting artists. The Stockholm gallery is known to showcase many of these talented women, and is for instance exhibiting Swedish artists Karin Törnell and Lena Bergström this fall (click here for more info)—both must-sees for sure.
Without having to look too far, we’ve found some of our new favorite artists within the Stockholm art scene, five of which you can see here below. 

Hanna Hansdotter

Hanna Hansdotter is a Swedish glass artist who was recently awarded “Shooting Star of the Year” at the ELLE Decoration Swedish Design Awards 2018. See her solo show at CFHILL if you’re in Stockholm on May 23 – June 29. We sure will!


Ammy Olofsson

Educated in glass crafts at Kosta Glascenter, and with a master degree in glass and ceramics from Konstfack, Ammy Olofsson now lives and works as a glass artist in Stockholm. We’re especially fond of her projects called Watcha Gonna Do I’m the Bold Illusion and Cross Section—so good.    


Erika Kristofersson Bredberg

Erika Kristofersson Bredberg has basically the same background as her friend and colleague Ammy Olofsson (above), who she also runs the glass studio Glasbolaget with. Their aim is to work with glass in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner throughout the entire process, something we definitely need to find out more about!


Matilda Kästel

Matilda Käsel does glass and mixed media, which to her means other materials, kinetics or performance. She thinks of her work as “feminist strategies in applied art”, and we really like how that concept is visualized. See her in a current exhibition at Konsthantverkarna in Stockholm (ends May 30).


Kristin Larsson

Kristin Larsson is a glass artist and CRAFT! master student at Konstfack in Stockholm, where many of her fellow craftsmen, craftswomen, have went before her. It was her so called “Hybrids”, made from a combination of glass and tin, that really caught our attention, and we’re totally loving where she’s going.


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