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Taking a break from everyday life, doing nice things for oneself, taking good care, practicing a little mindfulness—to some, this is the meaning of a daily beauty routine. Like most, we’ve been adding steps and trying out new products over the past couple of years; peeling, dry brushing, exfoliating and moisturizing away, hoping for something resembling a natural glow. Nowadays, acids excite us beyond reason, and we’d do almost anything for a good enzyme peel. So, hearing about the new Swedish home spa brand MON|SUN (an abbreviation of “Monday to Sunday”) we just had to take a closer look.  

How does Hyaluronic acid, AHA acid, niacinamide, papaya enzymes and beta-glucans sound to you? These are some of the nourishing and active ingredients that have been worked into the MON|SUN formulas by specialists within the Swedish beauty and skin care industry. However, even though the products are enriched with vitamins and oils, they don’t go as either all-natural or organic, and, well, bottles are plastic… But, they are 100% vegan, and developed and made locally in Sweden.

The fragrances, and these are quite prominent, have been developed in collaboration with a renowned, but unnamed, perfume house established in Grasse, France. The inspiration comes from aromas found in typical Scandinavian environments referenced as “dewy rain”, “fresh linen” and “Nordic woods”, all very typical. Then there is “halls of a luxurious hotel”, which is a bit more suggestive. The actual scents are called Crushed Citrus & Crisp Grass, Light Rain on Mint Leaves, Deep Woods & Burnt Herbs, and Figs & White Florals (so there are some un-Scandinavian notes in there too), and after trying out the body oil and lotion, we can say they are rather heavy.        

You’ll find the full MON|SUN range in their online store and at Kicks

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