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Brand to Watch: Sandermann

Posted in Style
by Johanna Andersson on 12 May, 2018

Danish fashion brand Sandermann shares our belief that ethics matters just as much as aesthetics, working only with pre-consumer waste materials and with a zero waste approach to fashion and design (read more about the difference this can make here). They spend much time sourcing and producing local materials, and on developing zero waste patterns for their garments (the thing of the future, no?). The clothes are then produced by Danish seamstresses in a small community space called “Sylab”, located in Ikast, Denmark.

Designer Stine Sandermann founded her eponymous brand based on the discovery that many Danish sheep breeders burn the wool after shearing their sheep—wool, that can in fact come to much better use in the form of yarn and clothing (seriously, what are people thinking?). So, wanting to prove just that, Stine’s initial mission became to collect the discarded wool and transform it into fashion. She then went on to develop a technique for making cruelty-free sheep fur—something similar, we imagine, to what Swedish fashion brand Dagmar has been doing for some of their previous collections (them clever Scandis!).

As wool is an animal derived material, we know its not for everyone, but you may agree with Stine on that it is a sustainable one. After all, the natural fiber is naturally renewable and 100% biodegradable, and its self-cleaning properties limits the number of times you have to wash it, which we know will, by extension, reduce the garment’s total environmental impact.

Except from the wool, Sandermann also sources other types of waste materials, such as deadstock textiles, from the Danish textile industry. And there are quite a lot of them that have just been lying around for years, and years—some dating all the way back to the ‘70s. The amount of leftover fabric is in its turn what decides the quantity of products made, which is the reason why the line is continuously kept small and exclusive.

Sandermann’s newest collection is called  ”Through Another Prism”, captured here in an exclusive photo series by Danish photographer Gitte Post. Talking about the design process, Stine have described how she started out by taking photos of art objects through prisms, glass and water to see what would happen to the shape and color. This then turned into a collection of photography, which served as visual inspiration for the collection. Take a closer look at it here, and follow them on Instagram for updates.


Brand to Watch is our regular dispatch of standout labels merging ethics with aesthetics.

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