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Nowadays, there are diamonds from below ground and below the ground. “Grown” ones must be extracted from mines deep in the earth, as they are formed from million years of geological pressure. The synthetic ones aren’t imitations though, as they have the same chemical properties but are made in a laboratory. Over the past years, the quality of aboveground diamonds has increased and they have made their way into the market alongside traditional ones.

Thanks to modern technology, aboveground diamonds can be grown sustainably in a controlled environment, kind of like flowers in a greenhouse. They are cultivated from a carbon seed placed inside a plasma reactor reaching temperatures as hot as the sun. After two weeks, the lab grown diamond is fully grown.

Our friends at Norrfolk are just launching their first aboveground diamonds, three classic pieces at pretty affordable prices, especially as they are conflict-free (no human rights violated) and eco-friendly (not polluting water or soil). Each piece are set by hand to ensure the best angle of light incidence for maximum sparkle.

Check out the Solitaire Diamond Necklace, the Tiny Diamond Ring and the Tiny Diamond Studs here.

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