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Gabriella Zamora designs and produces easygoing, handmade sleepwear and daywear from her whitewashed home studio in Mérida, Mexico. You can spot her pieces floating in front of the lens of Milena Villalón, on Nanin Studio or complemented by jewellery from Nathalie Schreckenberg.

Whether she is using avocado skins to hand dye a ruby rose coloured top or raw cotton for her Temple dress, each are enveloped in Gabriella’s love and grace. She tells us about her muses, her sustainable processes and Mérida.

On reconnecting with Mexico:

“I was working in something that I was not passionate about for a vision that I did not believe in. I was living in Miami and missing Mexico tremendously. I wanted to reconnect with Mexico and share my love for it. I realized in this time that I had to do Golondrina, it was something bigger than me. I launched Golondrina in 2012.”

Her production and craftsmanship:

“Resource to sustainably-made fabrics is limited in Mexico and almost impossible to come by. So I work with limited types of fabric, all locally made in artisanal style. I buy the fabric in its natural color and hand dye each piece using botanically made dyes by that are created by me. Things take more time to make when working in a sustainable way. For example in the hand dyeing process, it can take up to three days just to create the vat that will dye 3-5 pieces. It’s also very physical and can take weeks to create a new color. Everything is made in house by my very petite staff (myself and a seamstress). It’s a slow process but can be very gratifying. A lot of love goes into every piece and every piece is truly made for that one person or that one store. None are the same. They each have their own process and energy.”

On sustainability:

“For me sustainability is a way of life. That’s just how I live my life. I am a big, big, big fan of nature. It’s where most of my inspiration comes from. It’s very important for me to take care of it, to give back and to not take more than you need. It’s so much more nourishing to consume less but of good quality, made by people with love.”

On the ‘Sleep’ collection:

“I wanted to make sleepwear that one could feel feminine in. It’s such an important part of our day. It’s when we get to unwind, reflect on the day and connect with yourself. It was important for me to create pieces that would support this space.”

Her favorite muses:

Lucia Zolea is one of my favorites. I really love how she represents femininity. It’s classic and romantic. She has an incredible eye for vintage and is also one of my favorite photographers out there.
Alexa de la Cruz is very special, her femininity is so graceful, almost from another time. Something I feel we as women have lost. She’s a young mom to a beautiful baby boy, she just launched her jewelry line and goes to school! I admire that so much. I was never that put together at her age.
Kimbra Audrey, I just started a section on my website called Muses. She was the first I interviewed. I love her honesty, how open she is to share about herself. I feel especially in this industry we tend to hide ourselves. Kimbra just pours it all out and you can see that so much in her photography.”

On Merida:

“Merida has had a big boom in tourism in the last five years, people from other parts of Mexico and the world have started to move in and up until five years ago locals were still not used to tourists, so it was very much one culture. A Yucatecan culture. That is slowly changing and it’s becoming more modern but if you slow down, walk around during sunset, sit in a plaza to ‘take in the breeze’ you will experience Merida. It has its own time and rhythm, Its all about ease. If you sit long enough and let go of the outside world you will see this. I would really recommend this to anyone who comes.”

Follow Golondrina of Mexico here and here.

Words by Reemé Idris

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