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Witness their passion for objects, movement and the bodily relation to space.

The London-based interdisciplinary artists and designers have been making gentle, rhythmic waves across a range of projects, both separately and together. Their combined energies are increasingly behind some of the most free-flowing and considered work spilling across fashion, art and design.

They’ve collaborated with Paloma Wool as well as art director, choreographer and art director Carlota Guerrero. Oscar has also worked on projects with Casa Shop, Alex Eagle and Karina Zimmer. Charlotte is behind ‘provocative disciplinary orgy’ NelBlu (a publication) and 14TH CINEMA (an exhibition space) both dedicated to the cross pollination of disciplines.

Following their recent still life series, a collaborative performance displayed at Chelsea College of Arts, we found out a little more from the young studio.

How did you and Oscar meet? When was dellostudio founded?

– We were both studying design on the same course and by chance shared a studio desk. dellostudio came about as a necessity to join forces and make ambitious work. After our first year together at Goldsmiths University we recognised a shared interest in subject matter, working with scale and going against traditional design norms. As a rather impulsive decision we left Goldsmiths and applied to Chelsea College of Arts as a collective, where we are currently completing our final year in Fine Art.

From what I’ve seen your work spans installations, digital collage and other artwork.

– We define ourselves as an interdisciplinary design studio, our interests span all mediums and fields, shifting from the exploration of space though interior and set design projects; to moving image and perforative work as well as their inhabiting objects.


Some of your key influences being?

– We draw our influences from architecture, design and art. Notable styles and movements being Central and South American Architecture, Cubism and Mid Century design objects and furniture.

How did the collaboration with Carlota Guerrero for POP magazine come about?

– Our collaboration with Carlota happened through Instagram; we had just completed our installation ‘coordinazione dello spazio’, we were keen to see the piece live on through a different perspective and explore our work in relation to fashion.

Have you both naturally gravitated towards fashion clients?

– Fashion is a field we are extremely intrigued to explore and intervene with. We currently follow the editorials and collections of Jaquemus, Craig Green and Lauren Manoogian.

Do you think it’s important for creatives to break down barriers between them?

– Collaboration is at the core our practice, we see the crossover between creative fields as essential to create exciting and progressive work. Our work would not exist without such blurred boundaries between art and design, as it neither exists purely as one or the other, more an amalgamation of the two.

“Our process develops as an organic back and forth conversation and exchange of ideas, almost like playing ping pong”

How would you describe the working rhythm between you?

– We often share a common vision based on different perspectives. Our process develops as an organic back and forth conversation and exchange of ideas, almost like playing ping pong. We do not have set roles within the collective and work collaboratively on every aspect of designing and making.

Your Instagram is mix of inspiration, from Hiroshi Teshigahara to Becky Mcneel and fellow Chelsea Collage of Arts alum like Jae Youl Jeoung. Which accounts do you often find yourself lost in?

– It is quite difficult to pinpoint certain accounts, as both of us manage the account we are always jumping between profiles and inspiration. A few out most frequented accounts are @abaca.store, @maggieontherocks, @loq, @zoras_daughter and @karin_haas.

Who else should we watch out for?

– There are a lot of young creatives who, like us, are exploring space through objects. One in particular is a London based painter, Elena Barber (@e.l.c.barber), artist and designer Anna Minchell (@annaminchell) and mixed media artist Anna Hester (@_annahester).

Can you share a little of what you’re currently working on?

– We are currently researching and exploring the notion of the home through its architectural essence. We are developing and defining our own language of architecture and planning towards building a dello house and its respective furniture.

Find dellostudio here and follow them here.

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