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We're surrounded by inside-out beautiful women, so it’s not exactly hard finding people to shoot for Make it last (humble brag). Jaya Karlsson—Stockholm-based visual artist and mother of two—is a long-time friend of editor Lisa Corneliusson, and models in our latest photo series wearing some new, sustainable spring favorites. 

What components make up your everyday life?

– Politics, democracy, working out, children and contemporary culture.

You’re modeling in our new image series. How was it, and have you stood in front of the camera before?

– It was adorable. It’s always exciting to fulfil other people’s vision. Yeah, I’ve done some modeling. Thank you for a nice day!

You have a background as an artist. How would you describe your work?

– Meditative, structured, concentrated chaos and order.

You mentioned on set that you wanted to move past your role as an artist. Why?

– Tricky question but related to a renewed focus, new priorities and mixed beliefs, but will get back into it when I’ve found another puzzle to play.

How would you describe your relationship to clothes?

– Among the most important things in life as it allows me to step in and out of different roles. Via both makeup and clothes I’ve been able to decide the format for my identity rather than the other way around. They are fundamental in empowering me as a person.

Has motherhood affected you creatively in any way?

– Yeah, less time for my own creativity and more time for creative solutions to have life follow a specific trajectory. And time for allowing more space for chance. I wasn’t too crazy about chance before.

How do you relate to #MeToo and similar movements as a female artist? What are your experiences from these issues in your industry?

– Haha, too many to count. The design and arts spaces are possibly some of the most strict and conservative places I’ve been, ironically. I believe that the system of power manifests itself in the same way mostly anywhere you look. It affects you by leading you to believe that you need to play part in it. I’ve fought this in a lot of ways but often ended up thinking I’m the one twisting it up. The undemocratic system is going to change and will take time. Being part of this movement is one of the worst and greatest experience of my life. It’s awesome!

What do you identify as your most important network?

– My history and my future.


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