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Always in search of the better option, we've found 7 natural and organic skincare brands that simply seem to make sense: sustainably, aesthetically and economically. Hope you’ll find some new favorites!

Wanting to avoid the chemical cocktail that so many serve themselves daily, we’re always opting for the better options. Knowing that the world of skincare doesn’t always offer easy and affordable solutions, and that our skins are as unique, sensitive and picky as we are, the only way to find your perfect match is by research, trial and error. Sometimes, this sucks—not everyone has the time, energy or budget to find that perfect combination of sustainable, healthy and effective. But we try, right?
Navigating the skincare jungle, you need a full on GPS system—or an expert guide—and we’ll admit we’re no jungle men (or beauty experts, that is). However, wanting to find out for ourselves, we’ve read up in order to place a trace of crumbles, offering some direction. Limiting our search to natural, and sometimes organic, skincare brands that follow sustainable and ethical practices, and are vegan/cruelty-free too, helps us get a bit farther in this dense vegetation. Also, we wanted them to be reasonably priced and good looking. Is that really too much to ask?


NUORI blends their products in small batches every 10 to 12 weeks at their professional production facilities in Denmark, where they are packaged and promptly delivered to their retail partners across the globe. The packaging is also marked with a batch number and expiry date, which is set to 9 months after blending. The “fresh” aspect ensures that the active and 100% natural ingredients remains efficient, which also allows the products to be made “pure” and free from artificial preservatives and other synthetic additives. Also, we love their graphics. 

Pai Skincare

Pai Skincare use only sustainable plant ingredients and choose recyclable or biodegradable packaging whenever possible. Their products are ethically produced, and free from Parabens, Alcohol, Phenoxyethanol, Petrochemicals, Detergents (SLS/SLES) and artificial fragrance. They also avoid anything that has the potential to upset or imbalance sensitive skin, and believe the highest quality organic ingredients create the best performing products. Amen. 

Evolve Organic Beauty

Evolve makes small batches of skincare by hand in their artisan studio in Hertfordshire, UK, which means they’re fresh when you get them. They use active natural ingredients that are locally sourced, fair trade and sustainable, such as coconut peptides, natural hyaluronic acid, natural retinols from rosehips and silicone-free hair serums. Everything comes in recyclable packaging constructed from glass, card or PET bottles made of 75% recycled plastic.


Being slightly more expensive (sorry), we still wanted to tell you about New York based brand YÜLI, that offers natural skincare made from cold-pressed organic and wild-crafted plant oils, sourced on their own lands and through exclusive partnerships with sustainable, local organic and wild-crafted farms. They make all their products in-house in their ISO-certified lab that is located next to the farms where they gather their plant materials. The packaging is also biodegradable, reusable and recyclable. Sounds pretty impressive, right?


Haeckels offers an elegantly packaged range of natural skincare, hair care and fragrances. All their products are handcrafted and formulated in their clifftop lab in Margate, England, where they use and distill locally growing botanicals with anti-oxidant properties. Haeckels holds one of only two licenses in England to harvest seaweed from the English coast—which they do responsibly and by hand—and this ingredient forms the base of their skincare. All their bottles are made from reusable or recyclable amber glass, that protects the content from harmful UV light.

Grown Alchemist

Australian skincare brand Grown Alchemist call themselves the new generation of organic skincare formulations, comprising of natural technologies revolutionizing the traditional approach to anti-aging skincare. They use certified organic botanical ingredientes and powerful natural actives to provide better results without harmful chemicals, and the products come in recyclable glass and PET bottles, and lined aluminum tubes.

Skin & Tonic London

Skin & Tonic makes simple and natural skincare with organically certified ingredients, and only uses a maximum of 7 ingredients per product. Each product is made by the people in their Hackney workshop, using locally sourced ingredients from producers in the UK and France, and they also support Fair Trade women’s co-operatives in Ghana and Sri Lanka. The containers are made from 100% recyclable glass, and they will soon provide refills to save packaging. 10% of the profits go to www.charitywater.org.

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Tina: You should have a look at Ringana as well.
March 11, 2018

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