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…textile recycling. Thanks H&M for reminding us of the importance of disposing of one’s clothes and textiles in an environmentally friendly way. This should of coarse be a given, but today, we throw away (as in the trash) about half of all our clothes to be either burnt for energy or piled up in landfills. Quite horrible. Worse is that the majority of this stuff could have been re-worn or recycled.
What we should do with our clothes and—not to forget—any textiles we don’t want and can’t sell or give away is to take them to a recycling station, or turn them in at a clothing store that offers a recycling service (more and more brands do!). For this, you don’t have to look far.
H&M has been running the Garment Collecting Program since 2013—a global initiative that allows you to visit any H&M store (there’s basically one in every corner nowadays, so no excuses) and turn in a bag of textiles with anything from an old sock to washed out bedding; and it can be any brand. Then, H&M will make sure they are either reworn (sold as second hand), reused or up-cycled into new clothing or other products, or recycled into new textile fibers that can, for example, be used as damping and insulating materials for the auto industry. H&M also donates any surplus from this initiative to research on textile recycling and other social projects.
So, the next time you’re about to bin your broken panties—don’t! H&M would love to take them.

Read more about the initiative here.

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