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Perhaps this is not news to you, but Gudrun Sjödén is one of the leading fashion labels in Sweden. This is exciting to us at Make it last, partly because the idea of sustainable design is at the heart of the brand’s creative ethos, and has been so since the start in the mid ’70s.
Some weeks back, we chose our favorites from Gudrun Sjödén’s 2017 Christmas collection, and interpreted them in a “perfect winter style” photo series—the Make it last way. That was when we fell in love with their timeless, high-quality pieces. 

“The reason why we want to commit ourselves, other than for profit and business success: we take environmental responsibility. Our common goal is sustainable design.” Gudrun Sjödén

Creating designs with a long lifespan. Ask Gudrun Sjödén herself, and she will say this is her most important contribution to a greener world. To make hard-wearing clothes in timeless designs that you can wear forever—or at least until they are worn out—has been her passion and mission for more than 35 years. It is all part of the idea of using what you have, and not buying new for the sake of it. Recent Swedish research from Mistra Future Fashion supports Gudrun Sjödén’s idea that extending the life of each garment really has a big impact on its total environmental footprint.

As a company, Gudrun Sjödén tries to consider the environment in everything they do, from the sourcing of raw materials and production processes, to guiding consumers on how to care for their clothes; also offering pre-owned garments as a way of keeping their clothes in the loop.
The environmental awareness has evolved over the decades, in the world as a whole, and at Gudrun Sjödén as a company. In 2008, Gudrun Sjödén introduced their own eco-label system, and this year, 2017, the company felt it was time for an update given the multitude of things happening in the field of sustainability—and the opportunities that this brings.
So today, next to each “eco-friendly” garment, you will find a symbol represented in a system called Gudrun’s Good Guide. This system guides you to clothes made by either sustainably grown fibers, clothes that are manufactured in ways that comply with standards such as 
GOTS, Fairtrade and STeP by OEKO-TEX, or clothes that are sold to benefit charitable causes.

One of Gudrun Sjödén’s tips on how to be more sustainable is to be a part of the solution. The brand believes that the small steps lead way for the big changes, and aims to have as many products as possible produced in an environmentally friendly way—not just a limited number. They constantly share their knowledge online, in boutiques and catalogs. Look out for “environmental evenings” in stores, and read more about Gudrun Sjödén’s best sustainability tips here.

Make it last’s Emma Elwin paid the Gudrun Sjödén boutique in Årsta a visit and found an amazing knit in the vintage corner. Read more about that here.

This post is a collaboration with Gudrun Sjödén.

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