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With only a month left until Christmas, Make it last teams up with GodEl to share our best advice on how to make the holiday season’s tradition of gifting a greener one.
GodEl is an electricity company with 100% renewable electricity whose profit goes to charity organizations. On godel.se you can find more tips on how to make your Christmas more sustainable.

Toys and pottery, Stadsmissonen.

Choose pre-owned instead of new
Buying second hand reduces your environmental footprint and saves you money. If you’ve never tried shopping for pre-loved goods, give it a go. You’ll be surprised what incredible finds, vintage gems and designer brands are hiding in stores, yard sales and online retailers. Buying things from a thrift shop is also a great way to contribute to a charitable organization.
Kids’ toys quickly fall out of favor and are replaced by new things. Save a piece of the planet by searching for doll houses, toy trucks, swing sets, board games and tea sets at your local thrift stores or on your favorite auction site.
Also look for toys, books, paintings, mirrors, clocks, photo frames and other home décor items. You’ll find versions with a beautifully eclectic and unique look–and probably also an exciting history.

Vase from a local artist in Gustavsberg.

Support your local business

Keep your community alive and unique by supporting your local business–while at the same time reducing your carbon footprint. The impact of transportation of goods bought on the other side of the planet is often severe, as is our actual car journeys to shopping malls. Local artisan fairs and food markets are great places to look for unique gifts.

Products from more sustainable brands Aesop, L:A bruket, Maria Åkerberg and All you need is me.

Stick with sustainable brands

Nowadays it is easy to find brands that are dedicated to offer sustainable products. Look for eco-labels and make sure to find out where, how and by who the things for sale have been made. A brand without information about for example materials used or production processes employed is generally one to avoid. Use your power as a consumer and pick the brands that recognize their responsibilities.

Embroidery and homemade gifts from the kitchen.

Make your own gifts
There are so many amazing tutorials for beautiful and creative gifts to be found online nowadays. Who wouldn’t agree the best gifts are the homemade ones? Some of us may not be handy with a needle and a thread, but perhaps we’re stars in the kitchen! Making and gifting something delicious is always appreciated. And if it’s delicious enough, it won’t create any waste. The gifts to avoid are the ones that won’t be used and risk ending up as trash.

Christmas cards from UNHCR.

Offer a donation
Does your mom have everything she wants already? Does your Grandpa really use those yearly socks? Never buy for the sake of buying, it’s a habit we need to quit. The best Christmas gift of them all is probably a donation to someone in need. Choose an organization engaged in questions that are important to the person you plan to address the donation from.

Who doesn't love an experience?

Give an experience
Create memories with your loved ones, it will last a lifetime. Get tickets to a concert or an exhibition, sign up for a painting- or cooking class, promise your partner 10 breakfasts in bed within the year. It really is the thought that counts–invest in that and you can’t go wrong. And you won’t need that unnecessary wrapping paper.

Lamp screen made with recycled paper and pot made from old car tires.

Choose upcycled–or do it yourself
A few embellishments may be all an item needs to gain a new lease of life. Use your imagination when you’re out shopping–a new fabric or some paint could give a chair or a new look. Some thrift shops and stores even offer upcycled products, converting old or dated things to on-trend pieces. No waste please!

This post is a collaboration with Godel

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