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Layering fragrances is the most buzzing beauty trend right now. Make it last partners up with CLEAN to learn all about it. Find out about our favorite CLEAN Reserve perfume layers — and get ready for a new addiction!

If you’re an avid Make it last reader, you know that we appreciate simplicity when it comes to scents. We love a perfume that fits into our daily lives and enhances our sense of selves. For a perfume to become a favorite, it definitely has to match our personalities, and if it does, it eventually becomes a part of what we perceive as ourselves.

For this reason, different CLEAN bottles have been staples in our bathroom shelves for years. Not only do they remind us of fond everyday smells such as Fresh Laundry, Warm Cotton, Rain and Air. They are also consciously made, with minimal footprints (CLEAN is in fact working on becoming eco-positive!).

Another characteristic that we’ve become excited with lately is the fact that the CLEAN scents are linear (staying the same from spray until dry down) — and thus perfect for combining, or layering. We can’t stop trying different combinations of our CLEAN and CLEAN Reserve scents! Have you tried layering perfumes yet?

This trend — to combine different perfumes to create one-of-a-kind scents — has become a real buzz lately. It comes as no surprise — who wouldn’t want to create a signature scent? In fact, we’re not sure why we haven’t experimented with this sooner. After all, with clothes, we’ve been combining our way to our personal styles since forever. With music, we’ve created our personal playlists; with food, we’ve learnt how to mix our favorite bowls and recipes. Why not with perfumes, which is such a personal thing to begin with; different on each neck and so evocative of past times and loved ones (yes, scents do tap into the part of our brains that control our emotions)?

We used to think layering required special skills — but in fact it’s easy, especially with linear scents such as CLEAN’s. Once you get started, you’re likely to find out it’s a simple concept that presents loads of possibilities.

Here’s a list of five things that will help you get started with layering perfumes:

1. Start with the basics: Identify your favorite perfumes and the specific elements that you love in these. Let these be your solid foundation to build from.

2. Begin with mixing two scents until you feel more confident in experimenting further. Apply them to the same area, say, your wrists, and mix before letting them dry.

3. Complement your foundation note either with one that enhances its characteristics, or dare to add a new facet with yet another specific note. Layering scents that have the same base notes is easier, so perhaps start there. CLEAN’s linear perfume palette makes failing difficult.

4. Have fun and try different combinations to find your favorite ones; maybe some combinations for day, and some for night? For example, try to pair a darker fragrance with a floral one. Mix a citrusy scent with one that is oud-based. Increase richness by layering heavier notes (vanilla, woods, musks) with fresh, fruity and watery ones. As you can imagine, the possibilities are endless.

Here’s a quick guide to what works together:

Florals & Orientals
Fruity & Florals
Citrus & Woody
Oriental & Gourmand

5. If you’re a CLEAN fan too, get your favorite bottles here — that’s really all you need to start creating your own signature scents. Have fun!

If you’re curious to find out which layers we’re obsessed with right now, click here!

This post is a collaboration with CLEAN. 

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