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Browsing today’s industry news, this one catches my attention: The Real Real (the American equivalent to luxury consignment store Vestiaire Collective, only it’s much bigger) is partnering up with Stella McCartney (read about it here). Why it’s exciting? Well, it marks such an important strategic move for a luxury brand to embrace resale instead of fearing it will cannibalize their business. While the relationship between luxury and resale has been tense before, this is an invitation for other brands to follow suit. What if all luxury brands would encourage reuse and offer information on consigning? Yes, it’s potentially disruptive, as reuse is pivotal for achieving a more sustainable fashion economy, and especially exciting as it concerns the luxury segment – from where change must come – and as consignment stores like The Real Real caters to young customers, i.e. the future.
I don’t think I’ll ever buy anything except from underwear new again.

Ps. The Real Real, like Stella McCartney, is run by a woman, Julie Wainwright. She has a background in Clorox bleach, videos and pet supplies. When she started her own business – what was to become the world’s largest luxury consignment platform – it stemmed from her vision of creating something Amazon couldn’t copy. She also knew it would have to be potentially disruptive, and tech-driven. And, obviously, she’s just getting started.
Thank you life for women. <3

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