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We’ve asked some of our favorite people to answer 10 questions about style and sustainability. This time we picked the brain of Sara Donaldson, Australian style blogger and co-founder of The Undone Store.

How would you describe your style?

– My style is refined and effortless with elevated elements keeping to a color base of black, white, grey, navy and neutrals.

What’s your shopping philosophy?

– Don’t let emotions take over—shop consciously and with purpose.

How do you define sustainable fashion?

– Sustainable fashion to me is pieces that you hold on to and wear over and over again. They’ve all been purchased with purpose and love, and continue to spark excitement and happiness when worn.

Do you have any favorite eco-friendly, ethical or sustainable fashion brands? 

– KITX, an Australian designer brand, is a really wonderful ethical label. The designer Kit Willow has talked me through a few collections and no detail is overlooked—it’s created with ethics and sustainability at its core. She’s truly inspiring.

In what ways are you trying to make greener choices in your everyday life?

– To consume less is my number one goal, and then what I consume needs to be really well considered. Looking into how and from what an item is made is really important, and also knowing that it’ll last more than one season.

What was your latest “aha moment” when it comes to matters of sustainability? 

– It’s realizing that it all starts within your own wardrobe. Slow down your purchasing and think about why you’re really buying something.

What’s your relationship to second hand and vintage fashion?

– I don’t fill my wardrobe with second hand or vintage, but I do have a handful of pieces that I cherish and wear quite frequently: A pair of classic blue vintage Levis from a trip to Paris, a Chanel tweed handbag and vintage YSL earrings from Vestiaire.

Do you have a favorite natural or organic beauty product? 

– Yes, RMS Beauty is my favorite and makes one of the best illuminators. I’ve met the creator Rose-Marie a few times now and love how passionate she is about the organic beauty industry.

How do you make your garments last? 

– Something I have learned from working with jewelry is to keep the pieces in zip lock bags to prevent them from tarnishing. That way they’ll look new for years.

How do you hope the fashion industry will change for the future? 

– I hope the industry goes back to the discovery of unique pieces rather than mass-produced ‘it-items’. Made to order and custom made should be the norm, and supply only provided on demand.


Follow Sara Donaldson on Instagram, visit her blog on Harper & Harley and check out The Undone Store here and here

Photos by Hannah Roche for Harper & Harley.

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Nicole Rodriguez: Hi! I am so happy you interviewed a sustainable fashion lover/blogger! Not only are you both inspiring at Make It Last, but she is too! Glad you asked those specific questions as I'm looking to learn more and more about sustainable fashion. Thanks
October 14, 2017

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