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We asked our “Sunday Sisters” Malin and Johanna Karlsson to share their thoughts on things like sisterhood, style and—of course—sustainability.

For our latest Edit, photographer Pauline Suzor and stylist Mikaela Hållén captured real life sisters Malin and Johanna Karlsson in a beautiful, analogue photo series shot in Pauline’s family home just north of Stockholm.
The two girls grew up in a small town called Broby, located in Sweden’s southernmost county. Johanna, 17, still goes to school there, while Malin, 20, just recently moved up to Stockholm to study textile arts.
The “Sunday Sisters” shoot was a welcome and happy reunion for the siblings and best friends who hadn’t seen each other for quite some time, and we really think it shows in the pictures. So much love!
Make it last took the opportunity to get to know the girls a little bit better.

How would you describe each other? 

Johanna: “Malin is the most honest person I know. She’s the best at giving advice and to talk to when you’re feeling low. And she’s probably also my biggest style inspiration.”

Malin: “Johanna is calm and loyal. She’s so very conscientious and devotes much care to everything she does and to the people she loves.”

How do you define sisterhood, and what does it mean to you? 

“Sisterhood to us is knowing that your best friend is never more than a phone call away. She’s the one you can always turn to for good advice, a hug or a good laugh.”

How would you describe your personal styles?

“We have minimalistic styles inspired by Copenhagen street style, and we both love layering and a good pair of chunky ‘90s sneakers. Johanna likes jeans and a hoodie, while Malin is more into menswear inspired tailoring.”

What’s your shopping philosophy?

“We plan our purchases, and we’re really picky. We also ask ourselves: ‘Could I find something similar in a thrift shop?’ If the answer is yes, we try to find a second hand or vintage version.”

What’s your relationship to sustainable fashion?

“We think it’s of great importance to consider where and how your clothes were made, and how that affects the planet. You should always buy denim second hand, for example, because of the amount of water it takes to make a new pair. We also prefer to buy clothes made from natural materials that will last and age beautifully.”

Do you have any favorite eco-friendly, ethical or sustainable fashion brands? 

“Not really, though we try to shop second hand and focus on sustainable materials as much as possible.”

In what ways are you trying to make greener choices in your everyday lives?

“By eating vegetarian or vegan, shop second hand, choose sustainable materials, recycle and wash less often.”

Do you have a current food obsession?

Johanna: “Vanilla yoghurt with banana and chocolate granola. So good!”

Malin: “Peanut butter—always and forever.”

What was your latest “aha-moment” when it comes to matters of sustainability?

“That streaming is great if you don’t want to wash your clothes so often. The steam kills bacteria and gets rid of bad odor.”

What do you read/watch/listen to at the moment?

Johanna: “I’m reading a book about sound written by Anders Mildner, and I mostly watch and listen to videos on a Youtube channel called COLORS. It’s great for exploring new music!”

Malin: “Right now I’m reading ‘Prayers for the stolen’ by Jennifer Clement, and I watch and listen to Johanna’s Youtube channel ‘Korantemaa’.”

What’s your relationship to second hand and vintage fashion?

“It’s a strong and important relationship. We shop second hand regularly, and our favorite stores are Humana, Stadsmissionen, Emmaus and Episode in Copenhagen.”

What’s your best-kept beauty secret?

“We don’t keep secrets!”

Do you have a favorite natural or organic beauty product?

“Water! Not drinking enough water makes our skins look dull.”

How do you make the contents of your wardrobes last?

“We wash less! Washing doesn’t just waste a lot of water, it also wears on the clothes. We try to steam or hand wash instead.”

How was it shooting for Make it last?

“So much fun! We hadn’t seen each other for two months, since we don’t live in the same city anymore. The shooting was relaxed and intimate, and a great way of spending a day together.”

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Photo by Pauline Suzor.

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