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We’ve asked some of our favorite people to answer 10 questions about style and sustainability. This time, we picked the brain of Elora Joshi, cofounder of sustainable LA brand Stil.

What’s your shopping philosophy?

– Most of my closest friends know that I wear variations of the same outfit every day, so I try to remember that when shopping. I reach for pieces that can easily be interchanged.  Sometimes, it can be a little tempting to buy trend driven pieces because you want to feel a part of a trend movement, but with age and maturity I’ve realized I don’t have the time, effort or money to invest in pieces I can’t wear for years.

Do you have any favorite eco-friendly, ethical or sustainable fashion brands? 

– My own line Stil is made entirely of deadstock natural fabrics in Los Angeles, so I’d say that’s a favorite!

In what ways are you trying to make greener choices in your everyday life?

– I’ve been on a bit of an anti-plastic crusade lately, switching from plastic produce bags to cloth ones.

What’s your latest realization when it comes to matters of sustainability?

– That we have the power to change industry norms with our actions. We should all be using our buying power to take a stand against plastic packaging, factory farming, GMO’s, etcetera.

What’s your relationship to second hand and vintage fashion?

– A large bulk of my wardrobe is vintage. I just prefer one-of-a-kind pieces and find it hard to stand out when shopping at big retailers. I also find myself gravitating towards vintage tailoring. I feel modern fits, especially with pants and denim, are cut a little too straight for my liking. I love a high waisted pant with roomy hips for comfort but with a fitted waist.

How do you hope the fashion industry is going to change for the future?  

– I hope more brands pop up in the near future that are committed to ethical and sustainable manufacturing to shake up the industry and force change.

How do you make the contents of your wardrobe last?

– I hand wash and hang to dry all of my favorite pieces. A big part of my wardrobe only gets washed once or twice a season—this includes my trousers, sweaters, and coats.

What are your biggest worries when it comes to the environment?

– I worry that not enough people are informed about the results of their actions and that the ones who are informed and have the ability to turn things around do not care about the long-term future of our planet. I worry about people in power calling scientific facts “fake news” and then turning around and spewing false information as “truth”.

Do you have a favorite natural or organic beauty product?

– Yes! I’m a fan of the Herbivore Botanicals Blue Tansy Resurfacing Mask. But I’m also a huge believer that the answer to beautiful skin is being healthy—both physically and mentally.

What’s your recipe for a healthy, happy life? 

– Balance, managing stress, sleeping a ton, eating real food (but without stressing out about it!), and doing what you love every single day.


Follow Elora Joshi on Instagram and check out her clothing brand Stil!

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