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We’ve asked some of our favorite foodies to answer 10 questions about green, clean and healthy eating. This time we picked the brain of UK based nutritionist Pixie Turner a.k.a. “Plantbased Pixie”.

What’s your food philosophy?

– I don’t really have one, I think food should make you happy as well as healthy, but that’s about it!

How much effort do you put into making greener choices in your everyday life?

– Minimal, but it’s taken years to get to the point where I’m not thinking about food too much, and enjoying it for the flavor rather than because it’s supposedly good for me! I think it helps that I enjoy cooking with vegetables.

What are the benefits of skipping meat and going plant-based?   

– Having meat-free days is definitely beneficial, as plant sources of protein tend to be lower in saturated fat and higher in fibre than animal sources of protein – both of which are positive things and associated with numerous health benefits.

What’s your current “food obsession”?  

– I still eat avocado on toast pretty much every morning because it’s just amazing.

How do you feel about detoxing?

– It’s a whole load of bollocks and a big money-making marketing tactic. You have a liver and kidneys that do that job perfectly. If they weren’t working properly you’d either be yellow from liver disease or you’d be dead.

What are the biggest food/health myths that you’d like to bust once and for all?

– Detoxing, the idea that there is one thing that’s causing all our health problems (now it’s apparently sugar), and that you need expensive “superfood” powders in order to be healthy.

What was your most recent “aha moment” when it comes to sustainability?

– Saying no to straws. It’s amazing how much plastic waste that amounts to, especially when they have just one use.

What do you make/eat to really treat yourself?

– Chocolate chip cookies, or cookie dough ice cream – anything with chocolate really (and ideally every day).

When do you feel most balanced?

– Always. Because I don’t have any food rules, anything life throws at me I can handle. I’m not striving for a particular goal or number; I’m just enjoying life and what it brings. You can’t fall off the wagon if there was no wagon to begin with!

What’s your recipe for a healthy, happy life? 

– Mostly eat foods that make both your mind and your body happy. Then eat some foods that simply make you feel happy. Don’t eat foods you don’t like, no matter how healthy they are – life’s too short. And always say yes to dessert!

Go to Plantbased Pixie and try out that yummy mango and hemp smoothie recipe (in the pic above), and follow her on Instagram!


Photos borrowed from @plantbased_pixie

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