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Having read our post on why we think it's time we all changed for a non-toxic and natural deodorant, you might be curious to know what one would actually look like. We've selected 9 sticks, roll-ons and sprays that are rumored to be ace!

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First of all: we’re no beauty experts or dermatologists. But, we are obsessed with finding the very best organic and natural products out there—to use ourselves and to share with you guys. So, right now we’re trying to make sense of the world of natural deodorants; what are the most natural choices; what really works?

One thing we’ve discovered about the natural stink-stoppers is that some products work perfectly for some and not at all for others. Well, maybe that shouldn’t be so surprising really. If you compare it to regular skin care (and we think you can), you’ll find that there is no miracle cream that fits everyone skin type perfectly—so why should there be one such deodorant? We’re different, and our sweat, bacteria and smells are different. Embrace it, people. Therefor, you might need to try a few before you find your perfect fit.

And speaking of bacteria: one thing we must never forget is that what makes out armpits smell isn’t the sweat itself—sweat doesn’t smell—it’s the bacteria that lives on your skin that’s the bad guy. This means that if you want to give your deodorant a chance to work its magic, you must always apply it onto clean and dry skin. Always. And, for God’s sake, don’t share it with others. You don’t want someone else’s stinky bacteria in your armpit, or all over your deodorant, do you?

And one final thing: Don’t forget that it might take some time for the body to get used to your new and natural deodorant, so don’t give up if it doesn’t work immediately.

Good luck, and please do share all your deo-experiences so we can learn from each other!

1. Bio Beauté by Nuxe, “24 hr refreshing deo”, 50 ml.

A roll-on deodorant with 98,8 % natural and 24 % organic ingredients. Doesn’t stain the clothes. Free from aluminum, alcohol and parabens.

2. Aésop, “Deodorant”, 50 ml.

An unisex deodorant spray with vetiver scent. Made with eleven essential oils that help prevent and neutralize odor. Aluminum-free.

3. C/o Gerd, “Deodorant Neutral”, 60 ml

A natural, fragrance free deodorant that fights odor without irritating the skin. Free from aluminum, parabens, alcohol and perfume.

4. Maria Åkerberg, “Deo Salt Spray”, 125 ml.

An organic deodorant spray with salt and grapefruit seed extract. Contains no alcohol, perfume or aluminum. Also check out their all-natural salt deo stick!

5. Schmidt’s, “Fragrance Free”, 92 g.

A fragrance free cream stick deodorant made from arrowroot, coconut oil, candelilla, shea butter, baking soda, jojoba and vitamin E. Comes in several different scents too. Free from aluminum, propylene and parabens.

6. Lavanila, “The Healthy Deodorant”, 57 g.

A natural and fragrance free deo stick with antioxidant ingredients like goji berries and vitamin E, soothing aloe juice, powerful essential oils, and a special beta­glucan technology that makes this formula incredibly effective. Free from aluminum and parabens.

7. Ljung, “Organic Deoderant”, 60 ml.

An efficient roll-on deodorant with cloudberry scent made from organic aloe vera and alun – the natural mineral salt. Free from aluminum chloride, alcohol and perfume.

8. True Organic, “Undercover agent”, 50 ml.

An unisex, roll-on deodorant with 99% natural ingredients made from a solid molded lump of crystallized alum, whish is a naturally mined mineral salt. Free from aluminum and alcohol.

9. Ursa Major, “Hoppin’ Fresh Deodorant”, 73 g.

A natural unisex deodorant with eucalyptus, ginger, rosemary, grapefruit, chamomile, and lemon. It deodorizes, absorbs excess moisture, and soothes sensitive skin. Toxin- and aluminum free.

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