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We’ve asked some of our favorite foodies to answer 10 questions about green, clean and healthy eating. This time, we picked the brain of California based food blogger and cookbook writer Marita Karlson.

What’s your food philosophy? 

– It’s pretty simple. Eat colorful, organic, happy foods. Skip the processed stuff with additives and colorings. Think: lots of good fats, vegetables, greens and lean protein. Eat local and in season—everything will taste so much better.

How much effort do you put into making greener choices in your everyday life?

– I don’t see it as an effort, more like a way of life. Smoothies are my go-to when it comes to shovel-down greens and superfoods—it’s the best fast food in the world. Never one day without it and every bit of my being is nourished.

What are the benefits of skipping meat and going plant-based?

– Firstly, I don’t only eat plant-based, even if I’m leaning more towards it. However, everyone’s got so much to win from skipping the meat—the environment, animals and you are so much better off reducing the intake. And I think there are so many beautiful, tasty veggies out there that deserve more attention on the plate.

What’s your current “food obsession”?  

– Sprouted brown rice tortillas. I make quesadillas and pizzas with them and top or stuff them with colorful things like broccoli, purple cauliflower, spinach, cheese and herbs—anything goes. So yum.

How do you feel about detoxing? 

– I think detoxing is a really good thing if you want to reboot and start your system fresh. We do end up with lots of waste and chemicals in our bodies, so a spring-cleaning is never wrong.

What are the biggest food/health myths that you’d like to bust once and for all?

– To not be afraid of fats. The good kind that’s sourced from plants is so great. Avocado, nuts and olive oil doesn’t only fill you up, they reduce inflammation and boost the metabolism. Brain food power!

What was your most recent “aha moment” when it comes to sustainability? 

– Thinking that it just got to be the way to go, and knowing that farming can be made with thoughtfulness in order to protect the environment.

What do you make/eat to really treat yourself?

– Cheese and chocolate. But only the good kind of chocolate that I make myself from raw cacao butter, or I buy raw chocolate loaded with super foods. To me, that tastes so much better.

When do you feel most balanced? 

– After a good night’s sleep, green smoothies and a good hike or beach walk. Being rested has become so important all of a sudden (I have a two-year-old and another one on the way!).

What’s your recipe for a healthy, happy life?

– Surround yourself with good energy—life’s too short for anything else. I’m extremely sensitive to other people’s moods, and feel uncomfortable if someone is spreading bad energy. Then, eat lots of delicious, healthy foods and spend as much time outdoors as possible. Preferably in pretty and lush places where there’s tons of oxygen.


Marita Karlson’s book Mammaboost will be out in Sweden on August 21st. Check back in with us un Sunday for a preview of one of her new and delicious recipes.

And hey, you’ll find more healthy food inspiration on Marita’s blog and Instagram!


Photos by Martin Löf. 

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