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Hi from a Post-Baby Belly!

Posted in Life
by Emma Elwin on 1 August, 2017

It has been a while since I wrote the post about my relationship to my new body. I still have days when I feel that I just want to hide the marks, but it doesn’t happen as often.
The respons I got on my previous post made me feel so happy, but also a little bit sad. For instance, one woman wrote me that she hasn’t dared to wear a bikini for 20 years..! Reading comments like these really made me think about all of the unnecessary pressure we put on ourselves, and so I thought – why don’t we all just show off our beautiful life-giving bellies, starting this summer?!


Hanna: Dear Emma, you are so damn right! Where is this beautiful bikini from you're wearing with your beautiful body? Hälsningar, Hanna
September 17, 2017

Isabel: Dear Emma, since you posted the pic of your post baby belly many months ago, I became a mom again for the second time. Jarno is 12 weeks now and he left more marks then my first son. I just gave him all the space he needed to grow (belly was huuuuuge). I started to feel it around 37w that the tears would adorn my mumma skin and thougj I felt a little sad, I rubbed my belly, told him I loved him and asked him to make beautiful art out of it together with the marks from his big brother. It was a little difficult in the beginning and also because of my linea negra that's still very visible, I did buy a timeless swimsuit for this summer that will last me a lifetime, but i've come to accept my tiger stripes. When i feed my baby boy and he's nesting peacefully on my soft belly, loving me and this mum body of mine unconditionnaly, then why couldn't i do the same? Our babies as teachers ❤. Big hug, isabel
August 2, 2017

Helena: Hi Emma, Thank you for another lovely and important post. It makes me well up a bit because I've been struggling with scars of my own from a very young age. Today I embrace it as proof of things I've overcome but I too find it difficult some days. But when I do I try to focus on this one though: what in my life would be better if I looked better? I already have an amazing boyfriend, lovely friends and family, a decent job etc so what difference would it make? That usually pulls me through. Lots of love!
August 2, 2017

Mikaela: <3<3
August 2, 2017

Anna: Hi Emma! I started following your blog because I thought you were absolutely gorgeous and have the exceptional taste. But reading your posts I discovered that you are a sensible and brave person who tries to put the small part to change this world for the better. Bravo!
August 2, 2017

Malin: Dearest Emma, saw you in Biarritz last Thursday and you were such a beautiful inspiring woman and mother , I wish I said hi. But you, your body and ALL bodies are perfect in their own way.
August 1, 2017

Maria: <3
August 1, 2017

Ullis: Hear, hear!!! Fint, Emma!
August 1, 2017

Judith Ross: Yes, why don't we?! My body bears some of its own scars, one from my child-bearing years and others from post-cancer reconstruction. I no longer worry what people will think when they see me in the locker room at the pool where I swim. I hope they see, what I see here: a strong , fit, body that is living a full, healthy
August 1, 2017

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