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Emma Elwin

Notes from a Swedish stylist

Jeans, second hand. T-shirt and shirt, Filippa K. Knitted sweater, Wood Wood.

I read an article the other day about how much time we spend on getting dressed in the morning. Not only do we waste time doing this, it also causes stress and takes up a lot of your brain activity.
I don’t know if you recognize yourself in this, but I most certainly do. I often wish that I had a school uniform to wear for work. I’ve never been the type of person who can pick out an outfit the night before—I always end up changing it in the morning anyway. I hate that this is an issue for me, and it makes me feel superficial and vain.
In another article I read that successful and intelligent people wear the same outfit everyday, just to save time and headspace (I’m guessing they keep doublets…?). So I spent some time looking through my own wardrobe, just to try and figure out what garments would work for an outfit that I could wear every day for the rest of this year.
The first question I asked myself was: “What color doesn’t show stains too much and is less likely for me to get sick of?” My answer: black or navy. The next question was: “Jeans or slacks?” Well, jeans would be more practical, for sure, but slacks would give a better impression in for example important meetings. Since I’d say I’m more practical than stylish, I decided on jeans—black ones.
To dress up the jeans I first decided on a white oxford shirt, but then realized I would feel a bit stiff only wearing a shirt, so I ended up putting a black t-shirt underneath. And since I’m living in the cold North, I have to bring a knitted sweater pretty anywhere I go. This timeless cashmere crew neck would be perfect for this.
So, this outfit really is three looks in one, and with different accessories I’d say the amount of looks I could achieve are endless.

What outfit would you pick to wear for the rest of the year?


Judith Ross: I'm going to bookmark, or perhaps even print out and frame this post. My “uniform” would basically be along the same lines as Emma’s. I would love to be able to list what is in my wardrobe as Ninna has. Until last fall, I was a lifelong resident of Massachusetts where one’s wardrobe must accommodate a hot, humid soup in summer, lots of snow and sub-zero temperatures in winter, and a few dry, pleasant days in spring and fall. Now that I live in the Pacific Northwest, the temperatures are more moderate. To Emma and Ninna’s lists I would add a good hat as the summer sun is intense here, and some waterproof shoes for the rainy days. Thank you all for the inspiration as I cultivate what I refer to as my “Pacific Northwest“style!
July 12, 2017

Astrid JvS: I did a big wardrobe cleanout a while ago and I since then carefully added pieces. Strange enough I ended up almost only buying things from Filippa K, so I have accepted that it my style. I basically only wear a top or a knitted sweater or a plain shirt with a jeans shirt or jeans or slacks all year around an then I have like two dresses that I wear on special occasions or I borrow something from my three sisters and my mother (we are lucky to all five have the same size on both clothes and shoes).
July 12, 2017

Astrid JvS: I did a big wardrobe cleanout a while ago and I since then carefully added pieces. Strange enough I ended up almost only buying things
July 12, 2017

Ninna Kiel Nielsen: I want to share an experience. I was clothes-confused. Never knew what to buy. Getting inspired everywhere and by everybody. So I hired a stylist to solve that problem for me, and the result was fantastic in many ways. 'We' bought a basic wardrobe, beautiful items, and I was kind of happy. After a good nights sleep – it was very exhausting! - I returned everything! When I woke up, I realized, that I am basically a t-shirt/jeans person in summer and a sweater/jeans person in winter, and I want to stay that way. There were many items, that would never fit into my life style. Was the money for the stylist wasted? No, absolutely not. You can say, that I payed to have my head sorted out. It has become so simple. Easy to pick clothes in the morning and easy to maintain. I have 4 pairs of jeans or jeans-like pants, 5 ordinary t-shirts and 1 really fine one, 3 cardigans, 2 sweaters and 2 jackets. I have two pairs of sneakers (one pair of pretty pink UGGs, and ordinary pair), 1 pair of sandals, and a pair of black shoes with heals. I never think about what to wear anymore. I pick the first t-shirt on the rack and the first pair of jeans – and they all match. So I actually just pick the pieces, which aren't in the laundry bag now. It is so liberating. I love it!
July 12, 2017

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