When opting for natural and healthy hair, going heat free is no doubt the best and most sustainable choice. Here are our best tips on how to make it without your trusted styling tools.

As the temperature is rising outside, the last thing you want is to have a blow drier, curling tong or straightening iron aimed at your face—it’s simply too hot to handle in a heat wave. Also, taking a rest from the heated styling tools every now and then will help protect your hair from becoming dry, discolored and damaged. Being powered by electricity, they don’t exactly do nature any good either. So, for the sake our hairs, as well as for the environment—let this summer be a time to rest and repair.

Now, we know this is easier said than done. Not all of us wake up looking “flawless”, we’re not sure even Beyoncé does. What we can do, however, is to find ways to make it without the heat, and there are actually quite a few options if you start thinking about it.

1. Firstly: Go for a natural shampoo and conditioner that fits your hair structure and quality. No matter if you have damaged, dry or fine hair, there’s a perfect formula for you, and hair masks and hair oils can be of great help too. Keep the washing to a minimum to get a well-balanced hair and scalp—1 to 2 days a week is enough—and trim it every 3rd month or so.

2. Working with what you’ve already got is always the best place to start. Curly hair, for example, needs extra moisture since it’s often pretty dry; hair masks are perfect for that. Also, to enhance your curls naturally, you can try adding some extra conditioner to the ends after showering. Tilt your head upside down and squeeze it in carefully to help the curls become bouncy. Repeat the squeezing a couple of more times until the hair is dry, and don’t brush it!

3. If you decide to go heat free, you might want to start washing your hair in the evening—so you don’t have to leave the house with wet hair. Be careful to “squeeze” the water out of the hair with a towel (preferably one with a smooth surface) instead of rubbing it. This protects the hair from damaging and becoming frizzy. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase prevents frizziness too.

4. What did we do before the boar bristle? This type of brush easily tames the frizz and makes the hair smooth and soft—almost like after a blow dry. The brush carries the sebum from the scalp and distributes it into the rest of the hair. This works like a natural conditioner and anti-frizz serum. If the hair becomes too poufy, you can just flatten or twist it into place with your hands.

5. Some “straighter” hair qualities are pretty easy to add heat-free waves to. Emma of Make it last, for one, is using those long, twisty hair curlers to get the perfect waviness (read all about how she and Lisa goes heat free for a day here!). It’s pretty easy if you have the patience.

6. Another trick, to get those summery beach waves, is to split a slightly damp hair into sections, pinning each section into a loose, twisty bun. After an hour or two, you just take the pins out and separate the curls with your fingers. Use a salt water spray for an extra beachy look. Done.

7. Straightening a curly hair with no heat can be a bit trickier. You can always try bushing the hair while it’s drying to give it a smoother texture, but if that won’t do, there’s some way more advanced DIY methods to experiment with. Have you tried wrapping the hair around the head over night? Go to Youtube for some fun tutorials.

8. Using hair accessories is probably our favorite way of styling a natural hair. Emma’s circle hairpin is especially great for this, but there are about a million different things you can do, if feeling creative. Pinterest is naturally our number one go-to for inspiration.

9. When in doubt, go for a pulled back look. A low set ponytail can be really chic, or you can try twisting the hair into a loop (like they did at Céline) or pin it into a loose bun in the back of your neck (obvious but always sophisticated). Oh, and there’s always braids

Do share your best tip for a heat free hair routine—we’d love to hear all about it! Also don’t miss our campaign site for Biolage R.A.W, where inspirational women share their best hair secrets. 

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