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Each fragrance in the CLEAN Reserve collection is infused with sustainable ingredients. Several of the fragrances contain Ecocert materials and all of them are manufactured in a facility using 100% solar energy. The alcohol used is derived from corn and the incorporation of aloe to the formula adds a ”skin” feel when applied. The glass bottle is recyclable and the oak cap is made of wood from certified sustainably managed forests.

In other words, each CLEAN Reserve fragrance was created to remove the clutter, heaviness and complexity – so that all you’re left with is CLEAN. Make it last's editors wear their favorite scents from the collection, infuse it with individuality and tell us about their experiences.

What is your favorite smell? 
– Hm, I think salt water carried by the wind, preferably at my family’s summer house on the west coast of Sweden.
Describe your relationship to perfume over your lifetime.
– I grew up in a home without perfumes. My mum, or dad for that matter, spent no time or money on make up, skin care or anything like that. So I really had no reference when I started getting curious about these things as a teenager. I remember accidentally buying a room scent spray to use as a perfume and getting laughed at by my class mates in high school. As an adult, I’m pretty happy about my upbringing being relatively free from these things; partly because it didn’t bare importance for me as an individual as I grew up, but also because I think it’s a good thing for your skin to not overtreat it with products. Once you start you quickly become reliant on adding things to your skin and your hair… I believe in keeping it simple. I don’t blow dry my hair, I don’t wear a lot of make up and I don’t wear perfume on a daily basis.
– I’m a little conflicted about the last part though, I do like the idea of finding a signature scent and sticking to it, and I love how some of my closest friends really do smell in an identifiable way.
Tell us about a scent related memory that is precious to you.
– This is not a precious one, but the latest one I thought of. I visited a hospital for a lecture and sat around in the reception area. There’s a certain smell in hospitals and it threw my right back to when I was three and a half years old, fighting meningitis and living at a hospital for a few months. I remember the daily highlight of going to the reception area and buy a special vanilla ice cream. But it’s also associated with anxiety, it’s definitely not a smell I miss having in my daily life.
What does wearing a special scent mean to you today?
– As I don’t use perfume on a daily basis, wearing one makes for a special occasion for me. It makes me feel somewhat more “ready” as in having gotten ready for a special occasion, which is a concept that is otherwise quite rare for me.
How would you describe the CLEAN Reserve fragrance you’re wearing?  
 – I love the fact that CLEAN has made a Reserve version of Warm Cotton as I’ve worn the regular one before. It’s a fresh and bright smell, one that is actually so popular in Stockholm where I live that I can sometimes smell it on the bus or on the train.
What does the CLEAN Reserve fragrance make you feel?
– Nothing but myself, but in a slightly fresher version. Hehe. Which I think is a good review for a fragrance.


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In collaboration with CLEAN Reserve.

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