Today's challenge is Go heat free – save your hair from damage and conserve energy. Here’s how Emma and Lisa interpret the challenge.

Lisa Corneliusson

“As you might have picked up reading yesterday’s post, I don’t spend a lot of time on my hair, and blow-drying and styling it is definitely not one of my habits. I’ve never owned a hair-dryer other than one that I must have stolen from my mum when I moved out a hundred years ago, it’s one of those travel size ones and it would probably take four hours to get my hair completely dry with it. This DOES actually pose a problem sometimes, living in ice cold Sweden where wet hair actually freezes in the winter. But I just put a wool hat on and hope for the best.
Every time I’ve been in a situation where someone else styles my hair – at the hair-dressers or at a shoot – I’ve felt awkward about it. As soon as I turn the corner from the hair-dresser I obsessively grease my hair with some oil or something. It’s a little wearing any kind of coloured lip product – it’s just not me. I still remember one time when I was invited to talk about the new school grading system at a news show on TV when I was like 12. Have you guys had your hair and makeup done for TV? Hahahaha. It’s hysterical, it’s like getting a mask. I looked as if I was about to Dance with the stars.”

Emma Elwin

“I have tried for the past years not to use any heating tools to style my hair. At first it was just for my hair’s sake, to save the quality of it, and that is still part of the reson today. But now I also love that I don’t need electricity to style my hair. So how do I style my hair without curling irons? I have tried many different metods and found that those long twisty hair curlers give my hair the perfect waves. Or like I wrote yesterday, sleeping with damp hair gives mine the perfect bed head curls.”

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