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We are absolutely thrilled to see so many start-up fashion brands choosing a sustainable approach going into business. Elin Mohlander of Residus is one such newcomer.

Elin Mohlander, founder of new-brand Residus, is 34 years old and has spent 18 of these years working within the Swedish fashion industry, managing positions like Head of Export at Filippa K and Global Brand Manager at J.Lindeberg. Having this experience, she realized she could contribute to the industry in a more sustainable way, and left the later position in 2016 to start her own business.

“As a big advocate for women’s rights and environmental issues, I sat down one day and asked myself: what, with my experience, can I do to help the world move in the right direction. Even if it’s a fraction, I should be able to contribute in some way”, Elin says as we talk about the project.

The idea behind Residus is to use left over fabrics to make new clothes. Working with left over materials makes the sourcing process extremely important, and for Residus that means adjusting the design to whatever fabrics they get hold of.
After contacting over 500 factories, they ultimately settled for three different ones located in Portugal, Romania and China, where the left overs where of the right sort.

“I don’t think many people outside the industry realize that the actual fabric production is the worst threat against the environment, and also how much that isn’t being used. This is why we aim to become bigger in this segment, and instead of producing ourselves we’ll allocate more time towards locating good fabrics. For example: we’ve found 20,000 yards of leftover fabric in China, which we’ll be able to use for many years to come”, Elin says and adds:
“It’s all about closing the circle in the best possible way to get away from a so called linear process and work more circularly. The next step is to think about what we do with the scraps that will be left from our own production.”

The collection will launch both online and in selected stores in Sweden in April 2017 (there’s no official date yet). Follow Residus here to get the latest word!

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