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The Best Thing I’ve Done for My Hair: Frida Fahrman

Posted in Beauty
by Make it last on 5 April, 2017

For most of us, our hair plays a significant part of our lives. And it's not always an uncomplicated relationship; periods of good or bad hair are often part of our personal narratives.

We love that the way we relate to our hair is an ever-evolving process. Therefore, we asked some of our favorite bloggers to share the best things they’ve ever done for their hair.

Fashion profile, beauty editor and blogger Frida Fahrman is something of a hair icon, at least to us who follow her. Name a look—she’s had it. An absolute master of all kinds of braids and elegant hairdos, she also knows how to work that new shoulder length style of hers to perfection.

“I’d say the best thing I’ve done for my hair is that I’ve dared to try out some different styles: coloring it red and dark brown; wearing it long and short; with bangs and without. Now, I finally know what color and style fits me and what look I feel most comfortable in, and don’t have to think about it.
Also, I have never experimented with extensions, which I think is the reason I still have naturally thick, good-quality hair.”

Follow Frida Fahrman here!


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