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Scandinavian designer fashion retailer opens their first second hand store in Stockholm, making their business a more circular one.

On 21 April, Aplace opens the doors to Pearl—a new second hand store in the heart of Hornstull, Stockholm. The store space, previously known as Below, has served as an outlet for out-of-season collections. From now on it will be housing consigned pre-owned fashion, with focus on Scandinavian brands as well as a few selected international brands.

Aplace co-founder Kalle Tollmar sees the initiative as a way to raise awareness of designer garment value while also improving Aplace’s business from a sustainable perspective.

Aplace is opening up their first second hand store, Pearl. What can you tell us about the name, concept and idea behind it?

– For a long time, we’ve felt that Stockholm lacks a fashionable second-hand store that has a more modern selection as well as a contemporary decor and way of presenting the clothes. Up till now, there’s only been ”cheap ones”, like Stadsmissionen, Myrorna and Humana, or ”heritage ones” like Judits, but no place that provides a contemporary context.

– The name refers to “the pearls” you keep in your closet—garments that deserve a second chance to shine, instead of just hanging in some dark corner.

What do you think the general approach towards second hand fashion is right now, and would you say there’s a high demand?

– Second hand is one of the few categories within fashion that is actually growing. So yes, I would definitely say there’s a high demand for it. As the store supply will largely be based on the same Scandinavian brands and designs we sell in our regular Aplace stores, it’s a good way for us to raise awareness of designer garment value. We represent many of those who we consider to be Scandinavia’s leading fashion designers, and to us, their garments don’t become irrelevant after one season.

– With all the micro trends going on right now, we feel there’s less of an interest for trends in general. Somehow, following trends seems to be totally out of fashion. Status today is rather about having time for ones family and loved ones, having your own personal style, being kind, making the right choices and so on. I think these values are also reflected in the growing interest for second hand fashion.

Giving clothes a second life is an important part of making the fashion cycle more sustainable. How important is this to Aplace?

– Of course it’s important. This is a way for us to develop and improve our business and ourselves from a sustainable perspective. We believe that the concept of fast fashion is dead, and encourage everyone to buy one garment that you really like and value it rather than buying ten different ones that you only use once”.

What are your hopes and dreams for the store?

– I hope that people will appreciate it and use it as a way to update their wardrobes in a more sustainable way.

Aplace opens premium pre-owned fashion store PEARL in Hornstull, Stockholm on Friday 21 April. On 7 and 8 April you’re welcome to bring your clothes in for consignment in any of APLACE’s stores in Stockholm. You’ll then be offered a lower consignment fee (50% instead of 60%) as well as keeping your consigned clothes in the store for a longer period of time. Plus, you’ll get a cute tote bag! Read more about consigning early here.

For more information, visit Aplace.com/pearl and be sure to follow @pearl_secondhand @aplacedotcom

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Aplace founders Kalle Tollmar and Kristian Rajnai

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