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Biolage R.A.W. x Cajsa Wessberg

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by Make it last on 13 March, 2017

Natural-origin haircare line Biolage R.A.W. invites inspirational women to share their thoughts about living R.A.W. Meet illustrator and model Cajsa Wessberg.

Would you say you live close to nature?
– No, unfortunately, but I wish I had more nature in my life. The word nature makes me think of the forest, and a natural way of living.

How do you define “raw”?
– As something unprocessed.

What does “raw” mean to you?
– Yummy!

How much effort do you put into making greener choices in your everyday life?
– Pretty much, I’d say. The environment is very important to me and I contribute the way I eat and live.

What’s your best sustainability tip?
– To eat no meat, egg or dairy products whatsoever, since the production of these cause more pollution than all of the world’s transportation combined. Did you know that the amount of water it takes to produce a hamburger is the same as if you’d let the water run from a tap for two months? It’s ridiculous!

What’s your food philosophy?

– I mostly eat vegan food, and to me that doesn’t feel like a sacrifice. But I’m not super strict about it, cause I feel that in order to stay happy you shouldn’t set up too many boundaries for yourself.

What’s good health to you?
– When feeling good in both body and soul. To me that means sleeping eight hours a night, eating healthy food, exercising, being together with family and friends, feeling inspired and spending time in nature.

What’s your guilty pleasure?
– Avocado and almonds. It’s not the best thing for the environment since you need a lot of water to produce them. But I eat quite a lot of it anyway.

What’s your hair type and how does it behave?

– It doesn’t get a chance to behave really. As soon as it grows out, I shave it off.

How would you describe your relationship to your hair?

– It’s very important to me, and a big part of who I am. Shaving my hair off created a lot of new opportunities, especially since it really kicked of my modeling career. But it probably made some things—like meeting boys—more difficult too, and definitely changed the way people look at me.

Tell us about your hair routine!
– I don’t really have one, since my hair is so short. I sometimes shampoo it after workouts and such, but most of the time I just use conditioner to make it soft and smell nice.

Have you ever detoxed your hair?
– I think I did try it once or twice when I was younger, but I don’t know if it helped—probably not.

Are there any hair-related experiences that stand out in your memory?

– The strongest one would be when I shaved my hair off for the first time. I’d been thinking about it for a long time, but wanted to wait until after midsummer’s to do it since my family is very traditional when it comes to the holidays. However, in the middle of the celebration I just couldn’t wait any longer. So I snuck out with my younger cousins and just shaved it off. When I got back, everyone fell completely silent.

How do you hope your hair and beauty routine will develop over time?

– I just hope that in the near future I’ll be able to look at the hair on my body—all my hair, that is—and just feel confident and secure about it.

This article is part of a collaboration with Biolage. 

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