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Emma Elwin

Notes from a Swedish stylist

Emma is leaving the city for a house by the sea! Follow her journey.

In three weeks we will be leaving our apartment in the best neighborhood in Stockholm (Södermalm) for a little house outside the city. We are so exited! In the past I have always romanticized moving houses, for that I blame all those Hollywood rom-coms where a very in love couple dances around with boxes, eat pizza and barely break a sweat.


But moving has been a pain for me in the past. Last time I had the flu and thought I was going to faint every time I picked up a box. I packed like a crazy person in my fever haze. The time before that I could not fit my furniture through the hallway. With my previous moving experiences, I did not plan anything beforehand, which resulted in an attic filled with junk and scratched hallway walls. Moving is in my experience everything but romantic. It’s a stressful, dusty and exhausting business. It’s filled with moments of asking yourself ”how much stuff does one person need?!” and ”why didn’t I mark the boxes better??” You open up the truck and find yourself with a jackstraws game situation, and when your finally finish unpacking and find a bunch of old batteries and broken light bulbs you wonder why you didn’t recycled those BEFORE the move.


So, if moving on your own is a tricky business, moving with a three month old baby calls for some serious planning. Every minute you can save is precious. That’s why I was thrilled when Fortum asked me if I wanted to try their new moving guide and get some tips on how to make the move as easy as possible. This is the first of three post on how to make the move as smooth as possible. Already Fortum’s checklist has proven to be of great use. I am proud to say that I already checked off getting a new home insurance, applying for Dylan’s pre-school, change address and order a new electricity contract. Read more about Fortums green electricity.


Left on my to-do list this week is to book a cleaning company for the apartment, to figure out how many moving boxes we need (suggestions are more than welcome) and see if we can rent or buy used boxes anywhere. I am also planning for how to pack up the different rooms in the easiest way. So to summarize: This time I won’t find myself looking trough 50 boxes until I find my tooth brush, I am going to plan everything that can be planned in the slightest detail, the checklist will be my Bibel and I will pray that Dylan grows 170 cm over night so he can help carry his new but old solid wood (very heavy but pretty) bed. Read the entire how to move checklist.


Next week it is time to start packing and I will be back with some great tips!


Mona: Förutom att märka lådorna med vad de innehöll så rangordnade jag dem från 1-3, 1 jätteviktigt/kan inte leva utan till 3 behövs inte nu/packa upp senare. Tyvärr brukar det vara svårt att få ner samma saker i en låda eftersom det blir tungt/otympligt så rangordna lådorna så vet du i vilken ordning de ska packas upp!
October 9, 2016

Isabel: Hi Emma, wish you all the best in your new home! I'm from Belgium, but when we moved, we got all the cardboard boxes we wanted for free from a retirement home. They have those big boxes for incontinence pads. Might sound a little strange, but they have so much of them and can't put them to use anymore. You just give them a call and ask when you can pick them up… Good luck!
October 4, 2016

Sofia | The Nordic Kitchen: Har inga jättebra flyttips att komma med, mer än att märka lådor noga, packa böcker i papperskassar istället för kartonger (blir inte lika tungt), inte låta krukväxter stå ute för länge (plasta in dem om det är frostigt). Min kommentar var främst till för att säga - herremingud vad du är vacker alltså. Kram och lycka till med flytten!
October 4, 2016

Sofia: Senast jag flyttade så hittade jag den här sidan där man kunde få en prognos på ungefär hur många flyttkartonger man behöver: http://flyttkartonger.nu/flyttkartonger.asp?r=5&bs=1&rdo_a4=0&rdo_a1=0&rdo_a2=0&rdo_a3=0
October 4, 2016

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