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Get to know: MYR

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by Micaela Sundberg on 6 July, 2016

A small-scale maker of bags in organic vegetable tanned leather. Meet MYR!

MYR was launched in 2014 by the interior architect Johanna Landin as a shoulder bag brand, designing and manufacturing bags and accessories by hand in workshops in Stockholm and Öland. All pieces are made by Swedish organic tanned leather from Tärnsjö tannery. MYR’s collections consist of two series – Rain and Rounds. The company believes in slow fashion where the uniqueness in a hand painted pattern or a shape cut out by hand gives the objects lasting qualities. Make it last chats with Johanna.

What inspired you to create MYR?
– I was searching for a shoulder bag that was not only designed but also manufactured in Sweden out of Swedish eco friendly leather. I also longed for a bag where nothing extra or unnecessary was added in the design. And I couldn’t find that bag on the market and wondered why. So I started to experiment with leather and took some courses and after a while MYR was born.

How did you come up with the idea of the two series ’Rounds’ and ’Rain’?
– Rounds is a series of bags where I want to create bags with classical shapes but in simple, minimalistic versions with no unneeded details added and where you can se the material in it’s real form. The construction is totally visible.

– Rain is a result of me experimenting with leather dye and the hand painting on leather. I thought about the pattern that rain makes when it falls on a dry surface and made four different patterns for four different rain types: drizzle, drip, snow rain and pouring. The hand painting makes each bag unique and a little different every time.



Do you have plans on creating more series and concepts?
– I do! There will be more models in the Rounds serie and also some completely new series coming up. Very soon there will also be more leather options added to the Rounds series.

How do you wish to develop MYR’s sustainable offer?
– At the start I was sewing each bag by myself in a basement in Södermalm. Last year I found a manufacturer on Öland to collaborate with and it works very well. So MYR will continue to produce in Sweden which is a very important statement from our side. The leather that we use is from Tärnsjö tannery outside of Uppsala and it’s organically processed. The challenge when producing in small scale in Sweden with Swedish leather is to educate the customer about the pricing and why the bag needs to be more expensive than other bags.

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Johanna Landin, founder of MYR. Check out her Instagram @myrstudio.






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