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Raspberry kisses

Posted in Beauty
by Emma Elwin on 29 June, 2016

The only make up Emma is wearing right now.

The only make up I am wearing for the time being is this lip balm from H&M conscious.

A great day

Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 26 June, 2016

Hope you've had a lovely midsummer.

I hope you have had a lovely weekend and midsummer. I could not have wished for a better one since I was surrounded by kids and dogs! Yesterday (the warmest day of the year here in Sweden) we spent the time on my parents porch melting away and eating strawberries. In other words, it has been a great weekend!367A3065

Old secondhand midsummer dress that miraculously stil fits my 39 week belly.

Shoes off

Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 25 June, 2016

I am just done packing the hospital bag for the fifth time hoping that the baby will take the hint. It is only four days till our due date but I could also take TWO MORE weeks until the baby decides it is time! Let hope not, I want to meet this little person now! To keep myself busy I have been sorting shoes, winter clothes and I have even color coordinated my socks. Next on my to-do list is to organize all the kitchen cabins and drawers.

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Summer sale

Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 22 June, 2016

Emma has cleaned out her wardrobe – check out her items on sale!

I just cleaned out my wardrobe according to the one year rule: if I haven’t worn it for a year it is time to sell it. So here are some things I am selling on Tradera Trend today! Find all the auctions here!

Organic scented candles aren't common – but here is a good alternative.

Organic scented candles, Low key.
I have been looking for organic candles for a long time now and was so happy when I found these at Grandpa. The lavender one is perfect for those nights when I need to unwind from a long day at work.

The baby’s wardrobe

Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 21 June, 2016

Emma share her thoughts on how to prepare the babys wardrobe.

Socks and hat, Tradera. Teddy, pacifier, blaket and wash cloths, Lapland Ecostore. Body and dungarees, Tradera. Organic lotion, Estelle & Thild. Organic sunscreen, Badger. Glas bottle, Natursnutten. Diaper bag and rug, Tradera.

Like I have written before I have bought all of the babys clothes second hand. In this video I share my thoughts on how to prepare the babys wardrobe. Almost all of the clothes that I found on Tradera are made off sustainable materials. Buying second hand is not only good for the environment it has also saved us so much money. You can see the video here!

Sneak peek

Posted in Life
by Emma Elwin on

Emma is excited about an upcoming Make it last project.

Here is a little sneak peek of what is to come here on Make it last this fall. Can you guess what it might be?


Shoes, Balenciaga. Shoe polish and brush, Tangent GC.

Kitchen lamp

Posted in Life
by Emma Elwin on 20 June, 2016

Emma is happy to have found a old secondhand lamp to hang over her kitchen table.

We have finally gotten to the very fun part of decorating our apartment. I was so happy to find this lamp at a second hand store near our house. It reminds me of a potty we had as kids at our country house so obviously I could not resist buying it and hanging it over our kitchen table.

Thoughts of the Day

Posted in Life
by Emma Elwin on 19 June, 2016

Linen shirts, pms, ridiculously tight jeans, stretch marks and cinnamon rolls.

My dream outfit for the summer: linen shirt from Boomerang and old denim shorts.

It feel like I have said it a thousand times, but I really can’t wait to fit into my old clothes again. I want to go out for ice cream and wear my thin linnen shirts with jeans shorts and sneakers. Or wear ridiculously tight jeans and sandals. Right now I am sat on the sofa in the only garment that fits comfortably – a men’s night dress from the 40’s that looks more like a circus tent that anything else. And at this very moment my feet and hands look like they belong to Shrek, they are not green, but four times their normal size. Another fun thing right now is that getting up from the sofa just to walk to the kitchen feels like running a maraton, but this is just today. The past days I have been running around, painting stuff in the apartment, sorting boxes with old stuff feeling completely on top of things.

Yesterday I got the most wonderful surprise, a baby shower breakfast! A baby shower is not something I thought I would care for that much but it really meant the world to me having my friends surprising me on a rainy Saturday morning. I literally cried like a baby and was so moved that they had put so much effort into surprising me with the best breakfast I have had in ages. It was so nice to get a few hours of hanging out with them talking a about big and small things in life. One of the things that came up was the female body and how little we all know about it. How the medical care in Sweden is so fucked up for women at the moment. And I think we all agreed that if men would to have periods, give birth or have massive PMS there would definitely be better remedies on the market by now. I imagine we would have baby growing machines, paid PMS days off work that included massage and such things.

While we are on the subject of the female body I would like to talk about pregnancy yet again. Lately I’ve surprised and disappointed myself. It has to do with my reactions to my body changing these past weeks. I don’t consider myself a vain person but I have to be honest and say that to not recognizing my own body has been harder than I thought it would be. I would love to feel totally at ease with this new softer pregnant body of mine. And I am truly grateful that I get to experience this beautiful thing that is carrying a child. But still, there is a small part of me (which I hate) that can’t help but worry over the fact that I will never want to show myself in a bikini again. That the bright red stretch marks will never fade away. And that my boobs might look more like a Dachshund’s ears at the end of all this. I truly wish I was smarter than to have these feelings but it sure feels great to admit that they are there. Having said that I am now going to try to love my amazing body for being able to build a kid. I will continue eating my second cinnamon roll of the day. Buy a tight shape wear swimsuit and google natural remedies for stretch marks. Fingers crossed that the cure is to eat at least three cinnamon rolls a day.


Ridiculously tight jeans from Beyond retro. Old body from dance and gym shop.

Eco stone

Posted in Life
by Emma Elwin on 17 June, 2016

Emma found a ceramic floor made of recycled materials.

We just did the last alteration on the apartment the other day. We put this very durable ceramic stone-looking floor from EcoStone in our wallway. Over 40% of the the stone is made with recycled material and is certified by Green leaf.

The perfect white tux shirt

Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 16 June, 2016

I think that a white shirt is something that I always will like to wear.

Shirt, Old touch.
There is one garment that I found ages ago at old touch that is working amazing right now. If there is one garment that I know I want to wear for the rest of my life it is the white shirt. Right now I love to pair this tux shirt with my lose trousers from Filippa K and sandals.

In my bag

Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 15 June, 2016

Two things I bring with me where ever I go.

Last weekend we went to Örebro for my cousin’s wedding. It was such a beautiful weeding. Other than bring our baby hospital bag, these where the things I brought in my evening bag. These are actually the things I tend to bring with me where ever I go now a days. The camera is an old Contax T2 that I found on Ebay, it is so much fun to have a analog camera for in the moment snapshots. The organic mascara is one of my favorite once and from Kjaer Weis.

Preparing for a baby

Posted in Life
by Emma Elwin on 14 June, 2016

Emma Elwin invites you to her world – preparing for a baby with sustainability in mind! – in collaboration with Tradera.

The last few months I have made it my mission to find most of the things we need for the baby second hand. That’s why I was so happy to team up with our favorite site Tradera –where I have also bought almost all baby clothes–to share my best tips on how to plan for the baby with sustainability in mind. Buying second hand is, other that being more kind to nature, a great way to save money. See the first episode of our Tradera Baby videos here!

5_Tradera_baby kopiera

No Need for More

Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 13 June, 2016

Five things that I choose to invest in during my pregnancy.

After spending 8 months experiencing a new body shape on a almost daily bases. I now feel that I am ready to share some of styling ways that have worked really great for me, my new bobs and the belly. Since I have a wardrobe that is 90 procent filled with oversized garments I haven’t had that hard a time to wear my regular clothes. But as the belly grow, the trousers came to be a bit of a problem in the waist. Since I didn’t want to buy to much I just focused on what I really needed for work situations and for my everyday life. 

I invested in:
1. Black pregnancy kick flare slacks, Lindex. These have been great for work meetings and party occasions.
2. Two nursing bras (if your ambitions is to breast feed it is better to get them now instead of buy a regular one in a bigger size.
3. Classic bright blue pregnancy jeans, H&M. So thing I have been wearing almost everyday to big shirts and knits.
4. Pregnancy leggings, Boob. Perfect to wear with sneakers and big sweatshirts those days when EVERYTHING feels to tight.

The perfect base

Posted in Beauty
by Emma Elwin on 11 June, 2016

Emma Elwin is always on the hunt for the perfect base.

Tinted Moisturizer, Estelle & Thild. Master mixer, Rms. Foundation brush,
I always try not to get any tan in my face, the skin gets enough sun their when we are on our surf trips. So I am always on the look out for a make up that give the perfect tanned look. My favorite combination right now are these four products. That I make my special blend out off. 

Fabric focus

Posted in Life
by Emma Elwin on 10 June, 2016

Emma loves the recycled fabrics from the sofa cover maker Bemz.

The other day me and Lisa spent a hour in the Bemz showroom here in Stockholm. For you who do not know Bemz I’ll give you a brief run trough. Bemz makes fabric covers for Ikea furnitures. My favorite collection that they have made is this one out of fabric waste. This way it is upcycling in two different ways. At the moment I would love to get a more child- and dog friendly colored cover for our footrest.

Read more about there sustainable collection here!

Raspberry leaf tea

Posted in Life
by Emma Elwin on 9 June, 2016

Emma Elwin's recipe for keeping calm on a sunny afternoon (8.5 months pregnant).

After doing some research about teas that are good for a pregnant women, I found loads of articles about the benefits of drinking raspberry leaf tea. As a firm believer in curing everything with different teas I sent my boyfriend to buy a bag of raspberry leafs (that looks a lot like another kind of leaf…) I might just call it that – a pregnant woman’s Mary Jane. Not just because of the actual resemblance, but since it contains a substance called Oxytocin. This wonderful substance makes you calm and relaxed (my favorite feeling that I normally only get from hours of surfing).

Since the tea is supposed to prepare the womb for the birth of the baby it is not recommended for pregnant women to drink it before week 35. Now when we are experiencing some summer heat in Stockholm I have been making ice tea out of it with a slice of lemon instead and the taste is just as good cold.

Beige is shit – not

Posted in Life
by Emma Elwin on 7 June, 2016

Emma doesn't want to be sleek but boring Natasha – she wants to be colourful Carrie.

Do you guys remember the episode from Sex and the city when Carrie and Aidan is at a furniture fair and Mr Big and Natasha show up? And how a very drunk Mr Big slurs that his wife “has her eye on a beige chair” and “everything in his apartment is now beige – beige is shit”?

The other day I realize that EVERYTHING in our apartment is beige. The sofa, the bed, the sheets and the towels. I don’t hate beige, quite the opposite. But still, I don’t want our home to be fifty shades of beige. If I were to blame someone I would have to point a finger towards our shredding pug Stella. And maybe my hopeless love for beige linen AND the very boring fact that it is a very forgiving color when it comes to dirt. Still I don’t want to be the sleek but boring Natasha, I want to be colorful Carrie. So in my desperate hunt to add some color in my life I stumbled in to these vintage pillows that are now out for auction (that I am hoping to win), do you like them?


Posted in Life
by Emma Elwin on

Emma Elwin wants to take her craftwork to the next level.

Wall decoration, Le kiosk.
After a few months of doing embroidery on shirts, baby clothes and even panties, I feel it is time to take my sewing skills to the next level. After finding this beautiful woven wall decoration I am determined to find a loom and make one myself.

Autumn news

Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 6 June, 2016

Emma is longing for the perfect white knitted sweater.

Another sweater I have been longing for is this timeless piece from Lisa Yang. It is made of a hundred procent cashmere and is that kind of sweater that you want to keep in you wardrobe forever.

Pick of the day

Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 3 June, 2016

Emma is in love this sustainable knitted alpaca sweater.

Sweater, Industri of all nations.

Right now I am dreaming about this beautiful sweater from Industri of all nations. I would love to wear it with a summer dress!

Emma is grateful for the sunny days and loose dresses.

Oh summer. I really can’t say how happy I am about the sunny days we are having right now in Stockholm. Life just gets easier when the weather is good. Right now I am doing a dress maraton with alla the dresses that still fit my HUGE belly. This is one of my favorites from the amazing brand Filippa K.


Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 1 June, 2016

Emma finds a brand that makes beautiful accessories from the very durable material cork.

The other day I stumbled on to this brand 15:21 that are designing accessories made of cork. A material that is very durable and a great alternative to leather products.
Pic: Walids Ibrahim

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