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This week's Tradera Trend guest seller is one of our avid readers cleaning out her closet!

This week we will introduce you to a new Tradera Trend guest seller. She is a 23 year old literature student dreaming of working in the publishing industry, she has also an amazing closet including brands such as Acne, Carin Wester and Isabel Marant. Her name is Emma Andersson and we took a chat with her about sustainable fashion and her best bargain tips. Find all Emma’s auctions here.

Emma, you are our third Tradera Trend guest seller. Tell us about yourself!
– I am and this will be so much fun! I’ve cleared my closet for some great pieces. I’m a 23 year old literature student. Living in Stockholm and literally just finished my bachelor essay. A big interest is books, I love to disappear into a good story. Eventually I want to work in the publishing industry! In a couple of months my internship at Bonnier Publishing begins, so excited about that. In addition to books, studies and work I prefer dinner with friends and visit my parents on the country side to get som fresh country air!

In what way is fashion present in your life?
– Next to my studies I work at Jackie, a fashion multibrand store for women. My job definately effects my style and passion for quality clothing. It triggers my interest in fashion. The best part of my job is when we get the fall deliveries. Fall is definitely the best season for fashion. A knitted sweater, costume pants, coat and boots is in my opinion – the perfect outfit.

How do you reason when you shop for clothes or beauty products? 
– I love searching Tradera for sold out fashion pieces I’ve been dreaming of (or pieces too expensive for me to buy as new ones). When I shop for clothes I usually won’t let myself get too effected by what’s trendy at the moment. I try to spend my money on pieces that will last and that I can combine with what is already hanging in my closet. If I’m dying to get a trendy piece that I know I will get tired off in some years I try to get that piece at Zara or H&M. Great clothes for less money.

What is you best sustainable product?
– My best sustainable product is the costume pant. Invest a costume pant with a smashing fit, it is truly the prefect panic saving piece. You can wear it with anything to every occasion. Dress it up with a pair of heels and a lot of jewelry, dress it down with a white shirt, a pair of sandals for summer or boots for fall.

Tell us about you best fashion bargain ever!
– My all time favorite jewelry brand is Maria Nilsdotter. I went for a sale a couple of years ago and it was such an amazing range which resulted in three rings for less than the normal price for one. Best day ever!

Do you have any secret tip on how to make great finds on Tradera?
– I think the key to making great bargains at Tradera is patience. If you really want to get a piece but is has too many bids raising the price, usually the same piece will appear again later at Tradera. Then you can be the first to place a bid. Stay updated and keep looking for that piece and you will probably find it.

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