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The white tees

Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 31 May, 2016

Emma's love for a perfect white tee is seasonless.

Organic cotton t-shirt, Zady.
The white t-shirt has always been one of those garments that I love to wear all year around. Right now I am longing to be able to wear a just white t-shirt, black tight jeans and a denim jacket. Like in this picture from Paris a few years back.

20131003-234225Jacket, Old Acne Studios. Jeans, Levis. Shoes, Balenciaga. T-shirt, Filippa K. Bag, Givenchy. Sun glases Rayban. Watch, vintage Rolex.

The boomerang effect

Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 28 May, 2016

Emma thinks that one's trash is another one's treasure.

The other day I found this shirt at Boomerang on the secondhand rack that they have in the store where people can return old their old Boomerang garments. One’s trash is another one’s treasure. It is from a collection they made almost 8 years ago but the shirt still looks and feels amazing. I got that washed look that only a favorite shirt gets after a few years. Later on this summer I will tie it like this in the waist and match it with one of my pale blue 501’s as soon as they fit me again!

Almost There

Posted in Life
by Emma Elwin on 26 May, 2016

Emma is almost done with the last preparations for the baby.

Secondhand shirt, Acne Studios. Sustainable trousers, Boob.
Right now I am editing a video on how I have prepared for the baby! So I thought I would ask you guys if you have any questions about all the baby stuff? Would love to hear your stories about your baby experiences as well! Have any of you tried cloth diapers??

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Posted in Life
by Emma Elwin on

Emma hopes for only second hand baby gifts.

Let us talk about more baby stuff. I have a bit of a dilema when it comes to baby gifts. You see I don’t want people to buy the baby newly produced things. I only want old stuff or if they like give some money to the rainforest in the babys name. I love vintage, this silk shirt is a great example of a something that would be three times the price new, so it is a win win really. Save money and save a little of the environment. This is from the amazing store Adornment. They do amazing sourcing great vintage and then sell the garments online. We have been writing about them before here!

Tiny shoes

Posted in Life
by Emma Elwin on 25 May, 2016

Emma has gotten paddle feet and Micky mouse looking hands.

It’s only four weeks left now until the expected due date. This week I did some math and so far I have gained 18 kg, my feet are starting to look like two paddles/hobbit feet so no shoes fit. Oh and I also have big Mickey Mouse hands every morning when I wake up. The first of July can not come soon enough! The other day I just could not help myself and bought these little shoes in a second hand shop for 7 euros.


Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 24 May, 2016

Emma is happy over the summer heat that has hit Stockholm.

I am so happy for the summer heat we’re enjoying right now in Stockholm! Today I am wearing a gingham dress that I found at Beyond Retro ages ago that stretchy enough to fit my big belly.

For a good cause

Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 23 May, 2016

Emma Elwin shares her favorites from this weeks Tradera auctions.

For those who was not able to attend yesterdays big flea market, we have chosen some favorite pieces that are now being sold on Tradera. And of course, all proceeds goes directly to Welcome. There is only eight hours left on the auctions so you better hurry! And remember it is all to a very good cause. Find the garments here!

And do not forget to check out Tradera Trend – the site where we select the best of fashion from Tradera.

In collaboration with Tradera.

The Make it last flea market

Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 22 May, 2016

Come and join us to day at the annual Make it last flea market at Musikaliska.

Today is the day for our annual Make it last flea market!! Come and shop designer clothes from all our stylish friends. This shoes are one of the things you can buy to support Welcome! The flea market starts att 12 at Musikaliska gård. You will find all the information here!

Good thing

Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 20 May, 2016

To all of you who has the hair type Hermione/Hagrid a hair buckles is you best friend. Trust me.

For the past two days I have been wearing this huge t-shirt washed out t-shirt I got at Beyond retro. To feel a bit less like a World of world craft addict/pretty I matched it with my Céline hair buckle. To all of you who has the hair type Hermione/Hagrid a hair buckles is you best friend. Trust me.

Empty walls

Posted in Life
by Emma Elwin on 19 May, 2016

Emma is trying to find som old posters to decorate her empty walls.

At the moment I am obsessed with finding something to put on all our empty walls here at home. Here are some of my favorite paintings and pictures that I am gonna look for old posters of on Ebay!

Summer Lunch

Posted in Life
by Emma Elwin on

One of Emma's favorite summer lunches topped with sundried cherry tomatoes.

I haven’t had any cravings so far, I just want to eat twice as much of the things I already love. Like avocado toast. André made me this the other day topped with sundried cherry tomatoes and oliv oil. I have to say that it is quite nice to live with someone who works with food.

The rest is noise

Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 18 May, 2016

Emma in her favorite organic cotton knitted sweater and vintage Levis.

Organic cotton sweater, Lindex. Jeans, Beyond retro.

I am having a really hard time slowing down my everyday life. My head keeps telling me to finish painting all the skirting boards in the entire apartment, clean the balcony and color co-ordinate my wardrobe. I am trying to ignore it as white noise and instead focus on work and things that actually need to be done. I’ll tell you one thing, being just as mobile as a
refrigerator really sucks. The only thing I feel comfortable wearing at the moment are big knits, loose fitted trousers and clogs.

Satin greyish

Posted in Life
by Emma Elwin on 17 May, 2016

Emma found a non-toxic way to add some color to her bed.

Instead of painting our bed frame I found this brilliant wax made of linseed oil. The color I choose is a grey/beige and what I love about the wax is that it is some what transparent. Another great thing about it is that it dries super fast and does not contain any toxics. As soon as the rest of the room is done I show you a picture of the result.

Linseed wax “Mole”, Allbäck.

A golden lining

Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 16 May, 2016

Emma Elwin about hair accessories, hay fever and pregnancy ache.

After having a few days off (my hay fever really knocked me out the other week) I now feel like a new person. Since the past 3 week I have not been able to have the same past which came as a bit of a shock. Just a few weeks ago I feel like I could run the world, now I can’t even wake up stairs to the office with out feeling like I am going to faint. Actually even getting up from the sofa or getting my shoes on is quite a quest. I really can not wait until the end of June, I am so curios of this little ninja kicking in my belly!!!

The picture above is of my latest investment from Céline that I found secondhand on Vestiaire Collective. It is already my favorite accessory! It is such a nice feeling when you find those things and you just know that you will love it forever. Right now it is really giving my every day looks a golden lining since almost NOTHING in my wardrobe fit me anymore.


Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 11 May, 2016

On Emma's mind right now; spring jackets and beautiful shadows.

Here are two pictures that really inspires me att the moment; spring jackets and shadows. I plan to take loads of pictures of shadows this summer. The jacket might be the perfect spring jacket and I can’t wait to get all my summer clothes down from the attic.

Emma Elwin got a present made of recycled paper for the baby.

André came home with this note book for me the other day. It is made out of recycled paper and I think it will be the perfect baby diary to fil with notes about the baby!

The organic t-shirt

Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 10 May, 2016

Emma Elwin tells us where you can find the perfect white organic t-shirt.

T-shirt, Zady.
I would like to introduce you to one of my favorite brands, Zady. And this right here nothing less than the the perfect white organic t-shirt. The bag that the t-shirt came in tells you everything you need to know to really appriciate the craft behind each t-shirt.

Night shirt

Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 9 May, 2016

Emma tells us about her new favorite thing to wear around the house.

Night shirt, Old touch.
After a three day long wedding we are back in Stockholm again with weather that feels like summer. The other week I ran in to the best peace of garment I have ever seen. This second hand mens night gown must be the perfect for a pregnant woman to wear around the house. The fabric has the texture of washed sheet and you feel like you are walking on air wearing it!

Swimsuit Season

Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 5 May, 2016

The summery weather is making Emma Elwin long for days on the beach.

One shoulder swimsuit, Weekday. Cross-back swimsuit, Filippa K.

With the sun warm on my skin and blue skies above I can’t help but to long for when I am able to fit in to a swimsuit again. If I would invest in one this season that it would be one of these classic and simple black ones. Also I love the casting for the Weekday campaign, this girl is so beautiful!

The Lennon t-shirt

Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 4 May, 2016

Emma Elwin is showing her favorit look att the moment.

I was so happy when André came home from his trip to NY with a second hand New york city t-shirt. Just like the one John Lennon was wearing in one of my favorit pictures of him. I was even happier when I tried it and saw that it covers my big belly!

367A1030Jacket, Prada. T-shirt, Secondhand. Jeans, Beyond retro. Shoes, Converse. Bag, Michael Kors.

Le Mix

Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 3 May, 2016

Emma loves the current upcycled denim trend – especially these pairs from Frame Denim.

Jeans, Frame.
I love this new upcycling jeans trend that has been sneaking up on us this past year. I see the beautiful Vetements jeans everywhere and a lot of other brands are upcycling old jeans  in to new ones. These are from Frame and are made from two old pair of years that have gotten puzzled into two new pairs.

Green and yellow

Posted in Life
by Emma Elwin on

Emma Elwin shares her three things to add to your diet during pregnancy.

During these past months I have added some some new things to my diet. I can’t say for sure but I believe that they have made my life easier!

Pumpkin seeds
These babies contains loads of iron which is perfect for women in general, pregnant or not! I have been trying to add them to most of my meals of sallad, pasta or bread, and they are delicious to roast for a few minutes in a pan.

Lemon and oranges
I have been drinking freshly made orange and lemon juice morning and evening with my iron pills. They are filled with c-vitamins and the lemons have been the perfect cure to my morning sickness.

Baby and me
I am so happy that I found these pills, they contain all the important minerals and vitamins that me and the baby need during the pregnancy. There is one for trimester I and II and then one for trimester III and post partum.

The Conley fishing team

Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 2 May, 2016

Emma Elwin went on a secondhand hunt this week and found the perfect t-shirt and hat.

This weekend I spent most of my time walking around Södermalm with my amazing friend Sian who was visiting from London. When I found this hat and t-shirt at one of my favorite secondhand store I just could not resist. Now I am a proud member of the Conley fishing team!

367A0876 Hat and t-shirt, Pop vintage.

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