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Vintage objects have long been tools for individual and unique statement-making. After a series of record sales in 2015, expectations are high for this year’s vintage watch auctions.

As the market for new watches appears to be on the decline, vintage ones seem to have gained a new momentum. At auction houses, the sales of vintage watches (from Patek Philippe and Rolex more than any other brands) are reportedly booming with wealthy enthusiasts prepared to pay up to 5 million dollars for a rare model in good condition. Experts mean that the trend is partly due to the increasing amount of collectors sharing their vintage treasures with the public through their Instagram accounts, along with the rise of watch-specific blogs and magazines. Vintage objects have long been tools for individual, unique statement-making, and the durable potential of watches (both in terms of style and function) makes them a logical investment – some say, with their story giving them an additional appeal which new watches don’t have. Read a Business of Fashion article on the topic here.

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