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We are happy to introduce our second Tradera Trend seller of the month, Nina Campioni!

Clockwise from left: Jacket Minimarket, shirt dress Tiger of Sweden, t-shirt Acne Studios, dress Whyred, dress Stylein, dress Tiger of Sweden, sweater GANT, t-shirt Rodebjer, blouse Tiger of Sweden.

May we introduce our second Tradera Trend Seller of the Month! This time we have the pleasure of featuring Nina Campioni. Nina is a multitasker working as a freelance journalist, host, moderator and consultant, covering areas such as fashion, social media, music, film, television and editorial environments. A lover of vintage treasures and pieces that last over time, Nina shares her favorite bargain tips with Make it last.

Above is a selection of what Nina is selling this week on Tradera–with focus on Swedish fashion. See the rest on Tradera Trend.

In what way is fashion present in your life?

– Besides the obvious that it’s part of my job to keep track of the fashion world, trends and design, it’s also an every day companionship I think. Fashion is like a longtime dear friend and relationship that has it’s ups and downs. Some days you just can’t seem to get along at all and some days it’s just a perfect match. But most importantly fashion is a way of showing who I am, both to myself and to everyone around me. My clothes and style reflect how I feel and who I want to be. Fashion is very powerful like that. Even a low key tee and denim-day stands for a mood and reflects who you are. That’s what makes it fun and exciting. It needs to be fun!

How do you reason when you shop for clothes or beauty products?

– One of the great things of growing older is that you tend to give things a second thought before you jump into stuff. At least it works that way for me. When I was younger I always “needed” a new dress, top and jeans for whatever reason and I always bought stuff without much consideration. Nowadays I rarely shop at all and when I do I know exactly what I need or what I want, I don’t randomly go and shop. I also find that all of a sudden I care about quality, haha, who knew!? I rather spend some extra cash on something that is worth it. Same with organic and eco products, if it has an eco-label I usually choose that brand over something else, especially when it comes to beauty products or clothes for my daughter. Also – I LOVE vintage markets, second hand shops and flea markets. It’s a hobby that I share with my mother who always manages to find the most awesome stuff on flea markets.

What is your best sustainable product? 

– I bought the perfect knitted cardigan on a flea market in Italy for about two years ago. I paid 2 euro for it and I didn’t realize it at the time but when I got home I discovered that it was actually a vintage Valentino! Talk about bargain. I use it all the time, it has the best quality. When it comes to real long-term products–I have a beautiful white laze top that I got on my ninth birthday that I actually still use. And my wardrobe is filled with my mom’s old clothes; your parents’ closets are the best place to find cool stuff. Don’t miss out!

Last but not least, please give us your best tip on how to make great bargains on Tradera!

– I always tag stuff that I like with the “heart”-button, that way it’s easier to keep track of the stuff that you want. When it’s like two minutes left of the auction I go in and get the adrenaline pumping and try to be the last one to bid. I don’t always win though, but that’s why it so fun as well.

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