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Filippa K transforms its Copenhagen store–to manifest the future of circular fashion.

The Copenhagen Fashion Summit was first held in 2009 and this week the forth edition of the Summit, gathering international key players from the fashion industry as well as experts, NGOs, opinion makers, media and politicians, took place at the Copenhagen Concert Hall.

Filippa K joined the Summit in their own way, deciding to challenge the idea of how a fashion store looks like; showing how it could look only a few years ahead. The transformed store on Ny Østergade 13 presents the brand’s different initiatives within circular fashion: Collect, Second Hand, Lease and Care.

Not only do the customers get to experience the store of the future, they can also win a curated wardrobe worth €1,000 if they see and snap a photo of a #circularfashion ambassador around town wearing Filippa K jackets with sustainable messages like ”I’ve been around”, ”Love me or leave me”, ”Treat me right” and ”You don’t own me”.

“In a circular fashion world, our wardrobe is curated in a whole new way. We will have a mix of new, long-lasting, pieces and second hand. Leasing clothes will also become more common as a way of updating the wardrobe. We believe that the future fashion store will center around a circular mindset rather than the existing linear one”, says Elin Larsson, Sustainability Director at Filippa K.

The concept store is open between 11 May 11–15 May. Read more about the initiative here.

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