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Picks of the week

Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 29 April, 2016

Emma Elwin shares her three favorite bargains from Tradera Trend.

Wallet, Prada. Turtleneck, Zara. Jeans, Chloé.

Here are my three favorite pieces that you can find on Tradera today. Secondhand really is the best way to shop! But always remember the Vivianne Westwood quote “Buy less, choose well. Make it last”.

Watermelon and ginger

Posted in Life
by Emma Elwin on 27 April, 2016

Emma Elwin has a new favorite recipe for making homemade popsicles.

Ice cream molds, Lapland eco store.

We just got these ice cream molds from my new favorite store. The first popsicle we made was of watermelon and ginger and I have to say it ws delicious! I think this is something we will do a lot this summer.


Posted in Life
by Emma Elwin on

Emma shares her thoughts on the pregancy eight weeks from due date!

It feels unreal that eight weeks from now, we will have another little person living with us. I can not wait to meet and get to know this little human! At the moment I am feeling good! Writing this Stella is lying on my belly cuddling, I wonder if she knows that there is someone in there? The only thing that has changed these past two weeks is that I can no longer walk in my normal pace and that I get SO out of breath just from one set of stairs. Stella runs before me on our walks now a looks over her shoulder every now and then to make sure I am still there, she must be so bored with me by now. Another charming thing that returned in week 31 was the hormones, yey! They make me super angry, we are talking Hulk angry, from one second to the other. But the anger doesn’t last too long, thankfully.

You can read more about my thoughts on pregnancy here!

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Spring essentials

Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 26 April, 2016

Emma Elwin shares her spring essentials.

Sweater, Lisa Yang. Jeans, Levis/Beyond retro. Shoes, Acne Studio.

Comfort is the only thing I care about now when I get dressed in the morning. Right now I am wishing for warmer weather so I can wear these slip ons.


Come with us backstage at the GANT x Make it last shirt shoot!

Gant backstage

Have you had the chance to check out our shirt guides? I love these kinds of projects where you get to be creative with what you already have in your wardrobe.

367A9557 kopiera

This is one of my favorite ways to style the shirt for summer. See the video on how to do it here!

367A9466 kopiera

I rarely iron my shirts, instead I give them a good spraying with water the day before I plan on wearing them to get rid of some of the creases.


While everybody else in the office loves the white shirt, Stella was not equally impressed after a whole day inside filming the videos. Here she is trying to tell me that she wants to go to the park.

Shadow games

Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 23 April, 2016

Emma Elwin is happy to enjoy a few days of decorating her apartment.

Saturday morning and I could not be happier to have to days off from work to just relax and rest my feet a bit. One of the things that are on my todo list this weekend is to paint the hallway and find a bed frame to our new eco friendly and toxic free bed.

For a spring day

Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 22 April, 2016

Emma Elwin shares her dream look right now.

Bag, Vintage. Jeans, Levi’s. Sweater, Secondhand. Shirt, Zara. Camera, Kodak. Shoes, Balenciaga.

Here are my favorite pick’s from Tradera Trend this week. I would love nothing more than to wear this as a look and just spend a day in the sun taking pictures of all the beautiful spring flowers.

Customize your shirt with GANT

Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 21 April, 2016

Emma shares Make it last's latest collaboration. It's all about personalizing the white shirt.

As most of you probably know by now I love classic pieces like the white shirt. A garment that is so versatile that it works with everything you already have hanging in your wardrobe. To give you some more shirt inspiration we teamed up with GANT to show how to wear the same shirt in five different ways. See all the different ways here!

Make it last in collaboration with GANT.

Plastic free

Posted in Life
by Emma Elwin on

Emma Elwin's home determent to use less plastic in her everyday life.

For the past year we have been trying to minimize our use of plastic in our home. Two of my favorite things that we found secondhand is this glass juicer and this beautiful glassbowl for cheese. So instead of buying a bottle of juice we make our own. In the cheese bowl we keep this amazing cashewnut cheese that is soooo tasty.

Summer glow

Posted in Beauty
by Emma Elwin on 20 April, 2016

Emma Elwin has found the recipe for the perfect organic summer glow.

Beauty oil, RMS beauty. Bronzing cream, Dr Hauschka.
The other week I found the perfect cocktail for my winter tired skin to give it a bit of a summer glow. I mix two drops of my face oil with this bronzing cream. The result is the perfect sun kissed skinn.

Vintage dress

Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 19 April, 2016

Emma Elwin finally found her dream dress, seven years later.

The other week I stumbled on to this beautiful dress from Chloés spring collection 2009 on Vestiaire collective. It’s one of those dresses that I’ve never forgotten. So I just could not resist buying it for summer. One big plus that I did not count on is that I can wear it with my big belly. Hopefully i will still be able to when summer is here, I think it is the perfect midsummer dress!


Dress, Chloé/Vestiaire collective.


Posted in Beauty
by Emma Elwin on 18 April, 2016

Emma Elwin shares her first make up memory.

Living luminizer and master mixer from the organic brand RMS beauty.
I remember being six years old sitting in front of a big mirror with all the other kids in my ballet class. We were fixing our hair to get ready for our big ballet performance “Stars and stripes”. One of the mothers told us that we could borrow some highlighter from her to put on our cheek bones. I had absolutely no idea what a highlighter was but since all the other girls happily put it on I did the same. But I didn’t stop at my cheek bones. This is the first memory I have of make up. Since then I have done so many make up blunders like purple eyeshadow, blue mascara and so on. Twenty years later highlighters are pretty much the only make up I use, and these two are my favorites.

Dress code

Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 16 April, 2016

Emma Elwin's favorite look at the moment is a big cotton shirt and flared tights.

Boyfriends old shirt. Trousers, Lindex. Shoes, Converse.
Like I said in this interview the other day, I feel like I finally cracked the dress code when it comes to dress with a big belly. Right now I am stealing all of my boyfriends shirts and pair them with tights and sneakers.

Current mood

Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 15 April, 2016

Emma Elwin is curious as to what you all think about the new design.

Have you had the chance to have a look on the new design on the site yet? I hope you like it as much as we do! Right now we are planning the content for the following weeks. If you have anything you would like us to write about, someone you would like to read a interview with, please let me know! Tomorrow I am really happy to be styling a new fashion edit for Make it last that you will be able to see here on the site in a few weeks.

Summer bag

Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on

Emma Elwin has yet again fallen in love with straw bag.

Bag, Lauren Manoogian.

I came across this beautiful bag the other day. A   If there is something that I have a weakness for it is braided bags as you can see here, and here and here.

Hi, it’s the new Make it last!

Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 14 April, 2016

Make it last has a new look. Emma shares our upcoming plans!

I am so happy to finally show you the new design of Make it last! Except for the design, we also have loads of fun new features in the pipeline. Soon we’ll share some fresh new Edits, shopping pages and interviews. And not to forget–one of my favorite things with this update is a index of great sustainable brands. I hope you feel at home here and let me know if you have any thoughts or questions!

Make it last will have share more beautiful videos from now on! 

Hair matters

Posted in Beauty
by Emma Elwin on 13 April, 2016

Emma Elwin browses her favorite second hand store – in search of a hair buckle.

I came across these pictures the other day and feel a sudden urge to to find a hair buckle. I had a look at the very dangerous website of Vestiaire collective and they have tons of similar hair accessories. This one further down is one from Loewe of my favorites.


Posted in Life
by Emma Elwin on

These are some of the best organic scented candles according to Emma Elwin.

Black oak, L:A bruket. Cederwood, Wax works. Tranquillity, Neom.
I started to look for organic candles the other week and found these bee wax ones from Big Dipper Wax Works. My favorite sent is the Cedarwood and May Chang. But I also love the black oak and english lavender!

Sun and seagulls

Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 12 April, 2016

Fighting over a hotdog

Sweater, Lisa Yang. Jeans, Beyond retro. Glases, Céline. Shoes, Filippa K.

Summer is here!!! Well, spring is here. Like most Scandinavians I am a sucker for some sunlight. Me and Stella was walking to the office this morning with the sun shining like never before. and the seagulls where fighting over a hotdog. If the weather is just as good tomorrow I am going to change my jeans to a dress!

Coming home

Posted in Life
by Emma Elwin on

Time is moving both slow and fast for Emma Elwin right now.

Sooooo… I didn’t find the time to finish my post about my baby belly observations yesterday. I will finish it today instead. These past few days I have felt that time is just slipping away without getting anything done. At the same time it feels like the days are dragging on forever! One thing I manage to find time for yesterday though was to get some interior inspiration. Looking at these kind of inspiration pictures always make me happy. I just can’t wait for everything to be painted and all done.


Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 11 April, 2016

On my mind

Shoes, Filippa K.
All weekend I have had an ambition to sit down and write about something that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. But other todos came in between, like renovating all the cracks in the hallway ceiling. The subject of my thoughts is the following: why do people feel the need to talk about the size of a pregnant woman’s belly? I have every intention to write about this later today, I just need a cup of coffee before I do. Meanwhile, here are some beautiful shoes that I fell in love with at Filippa K’s collection presentation last week. They are from the fall 2016 collection.

Salt and pepper

Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 7 April, 2016

Ninety procent of my wardrobe

This is an outfit that is perfect for rainy and cold days. I have to say that I am very grateful that ninety procent of my wardrobe consists of oversize garments. Of course, now these garments are tight, especially around the belly!


Sweater, Hope. Trousers, Stella McCartney. Shoes, Filippa K.

Pick’s of the day

Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 6 April, 2016

My dream coats

Coat, Totême. Vinter coat, Filippa K.
Here are two of my dream coats. First of, they are the exakt same color as Stella which means no constant brushing off dog hair every morning. Secondly and more importantly they are the kind of classical looking coats who’s design will work over time.

Navy and black

Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 5 April, 2016

A lose fitted shirt

Shirt, Hope. Byxor, Lisa Yang. Shoes, Filippa K.

I guess my outfit pictures now a day might not be the most inspiring ones. But! I am so happy to finally have found a pregnancy uniform that works for work. This is one of my favorite combinations right now, a lose fitted shirt, cashmere trousers and sneakers.

Skin awakening

Posted in Beauty
by Emma Elwin on

Emma Elwin is boosting her face with some c-vitamin and trying out some new skin care products.

It has been the same thing for the past years, when spring comes my skin goes crazy. All the things I usually use stops working and I feel like a teenager again. To help my skin back to normal I am going to try these two products out. I think the serum is just what my skin needs to wake up after a long winter.

See through

Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 3 April, 2016

Sheet see through cotton

I realized I have put on ten kilograms the other day, something that I can feel in my feet and my back… I don’t know if it’s the weather or my body changing that is inspiring me to make an effort when it comes to dressing. On Friday I was wearing this beautiful blouse from Rodebjer. This kind of blouse is something I could get married in. I love the wide arms and the sheer almost see through cotton.


Blouse, Rodebjer. Trousers, Ganni. Shoes, Filippa K.

Time to Care

Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 2 April, 2016

Care and repair

Rubber brush, Lapland eco store.
This weekend I am going to give all my woolen garments some love. To my help I have this brilliant rubber brush to get all the dust and dog hair of my winter coats. My dream is to have a little box filled with clothing care gadgets. Does any of you feel the same?

Low back

Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 1 April, 2016

Spring is here!

Sweater, Lisa Yang.

The sun is shining here in Stockholm and for the past few days I haven’t been wearing socks in my shoes. You all know what that means? Spring is here!!! Just in time for the first of April! I am so ready for  a sunny weekend and super exited about this party that Make it last is going to on Saturday, I hope to see you there!!!

Fantastic four

Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on

Good investment pieces

Vintage jacket, Céline/Vestiaire. Sandals, Isabel Marant/Vestiaire. Sunglasses, Ralph Lauren/Vestiaire. Sjal, Margaret Howell.

I am not sure why these round details keep catching my eye at the moment. One thing is sure, these are all good investment pieces for your wardrobe that works with pretty much all garments!

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