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Rain coat

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by Emma Elwin on 31 March, 2016

A rain coat on a sunny day

Yesterday it was finally warm enough to wear just a rain coat and a knitted sweater. I am very happy to welcome this timeless jacket in to my wardrobe, it is perfect in every way. The colour, the cut and the fabric. It think this is something I’ll be wearing for the rest of my life.

Coat, Shutterheim. Sweater and trousers, Lisa Yang. Shoes, Filippa K.


Posted in Life
by Emma Elwin on 30 March, 2016

Emma Elwin has found a stoller made off organic materials and with IVN- and GOTS certifications.

I have to admit that it feels super weird to have a stroller just standing waiting for a baby in the living room. I feel like I am five years old playing family. But I am very happy to have found one that checks off all of my criterions. The last few months I have been reading a lot about toxics in our everyday products. Toxics that might not be necessary in my opinion. After reading a lot about plastic, flame retardants and impregnating agent in strollers I started searching for a stroller that was somehow more environmental consciousness for both nature and our baby’s well being. The research payed off and I found this one online. This is a IVN- and GOTS certificated stroller from the brand Naturkind. The stroller is made of organic cotton, organic sheep’s wool, coco-latex, wood, cork and non phthalates plastic. Since I haven’t been using it properly yet (if you don’t count driving around the soffa in living room with Stella as test pilot) I can not give you guys a full review just yet. But! As soon as I have been trying it with an actually baby for a few months I’ll give you a proper review.


Stroller, Naturkind. Diaper bag found at Tradera.

Pick’s of the week

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by Emma Elwin on 29 March, 2016

Two timeless pieces

Jacket, Acne Studios. Shoes, Miu Miu.

Here are two of my favorites on Tradera Trend today! They are, in my opinion, two perfect timeless investments pieces for spring. This weeks guest seller is our dear friend Columbine Smille, find all the things she is selling here!

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From vinter to spring

Dungarees, Beyond Retro. Coat, Acne Studios.
Today’s outfit was a mix between secondhand and what I would describe as timeless coat. The dungarees, one of my favorite garments since way back, are also the perfect mommy outfit. The coat is made of cashmere and wool and the perfect transition coat from vinter to spring.

The little black bag

Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 28 March, 2016

My best buys

Bag, Givenchy. Scarf, second hand.
I am not much for bags but this is one of my best buys. This weekend I was wearing it with another favorite buys of mine, the thin black scarf.


Posted in Life
by Emma Elwin on 25 March, 2016

Emma Elwin has invested in some green air cleaners for her home.

This weekend I went and got some natural air cleaners also known as plants for the windows of our home. I feels great to have something green to look at especially now when the view outside the window completely grey.


In my window these plants now grow: The peace lily plant, Dragon-tail plan, Aralia, Yellow Butterfly Palm, Jade plant, mother-in-law’s tongue, Spider plant.

Timeless and personal

Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 24 March, 2016

Our very stylish friend Nike Felldin

In this issue of Styleby I got to do a collaboration interview and photograph for Filippa K with our very stylish friend Nike Felldin. The interview is about how to create a timeless, personal and long lasting wardrobe for oneself.


Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 23 March, 2016

I fell in love

The other week I passed by the very dangerous store of Acne Studios. In the store I fell in love with these little elf slippers and just could not resist buying them. Since my feet are already getting swollen I figured that they will be the perfect shoes for my expanding feet this summer. Another pro is that they match with everything hanging in my wardrobe. Today is only hundred days until our due date. Feels like an eternity but I bet that the time will fly by.


Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 22 March, 2016

World water day

Today is the world water day! Make it last we honor this very important day with our best tips on how to save water in your every day life. Some of my best tips are to always turn the water of when washing your hair or teeth. Buy less and choose well when it comes to clothes and try to use organic products.


Shirt, Filippa K. H&M Conscious.

Homemade shelf

Posted in Life
by Emma Elwin on 18 March, 2016

Emma Elwin is so ready for two days of rest.

After working 12 days straight I am so ready for a quiet weekend! The only thing on my todo list is to buy the detoxing plants for the apartment and frame some pictures. This is my favorite corner of the living room right now.

Same old

Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 17 March, 2016

Rethink how I dress

I have to say that being pregnant has pushed me into completely rethink how I dress. Usually on a normal day I spend 1 minute figuring out what to wear in the morning. The past months I’ve felt like a teenager taking 2 hours trying to get ready for school. Everything is either to tight, short or small. So most of them I have now just put away in boxes. Hopeful they will fit again after the baby has come! One think I am really looking forward to is warmer weather so that I can walk around in long lose dresses and sandals.


Blouse and jeans, second hand.

Emma Elwin has a new beauty addiction.

Handcreme, HM conscious.

Since winter I have been using hand creme like never before. Something I might have to cool it with since the dry air has been replace with nice spring air. This one is my favorite at the moment white tea and peppermint.


Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 16 March, 2016

To dress only for yourself

”If you have invested in something that is fantastic, that you love, that is flattering, that is high quality. Why should you only wear it until you are a certain age?”

This quote really made me think about how our wardrobe is such a big part of how we define ourselves. How we dress can show our preferences in music or even our professions. We let our clothes define us and we can dress to express our emotions. For me, clothes are and have always been so much more than only a piece of fabric. We can use them to make people see us in a certain way. Some garments can make you feel strong, happy and confident. For me one of these garments is my leather jacket, every time I wear it I feel great. This jacket is one of the pieces in my wardrobe that I hope to be able to wear forever, and since it is one of those pieces that only gets more beautiful each year that goes by, why shouldn’t I?

Sponsored post

I got to read the study Doctor in Fashion Studies Philip Warkander made for Åhléns about age and the how our society has created stereotypes on how to dress. The question that caught my ear in the video is similar to the question I often ask myself when considering fashion from a sustainable point of view: why should age decide if you should wear a tight dress, high heels or a cropped top?

There is nothing that I love more than to see a person at peace with herself, not caring about what anybody else thinks. I aspire to build a wardrobe that will last over time, I want to fill it with things that make me feel the same way I feel when I’m wearing the leather jacket. Strong, confident and comfortable. It is the same with my denim dungarees, I hope to wear them until I am eighty.

Right now, with a belly big as a watermelon, I hesitate to wear a top that would show a bit of my belly. When I’m at home I walk around in my t-shirt rolled up with the belly out, but I don’t think I would dare to do that in public. I guess I’m afraid to look vulgar, even though, when I think about it, a baby bump might be the least vulgar thing I could think of. Will I think the same way about the leather jacket when I am fifty? I hope not. Like one of the women Philip Warkander interviewed in his study, I hope to one day dress only for myself, without a thought about what anybody else thinks.

white-polo kopiera

My loved leather jacket that only gets more beautiful every year that goes by.

See all the data from the studie at Åhléns.

The true cost of a shirt

Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 15 March, 2016

World Water Day

Did you guys know that it takes 1,500 liters of water or more to produce one single t-shirt? 22 March is World Water Day. I would love to come up with some way to highlight this day here on Make it last but I am not just sure how. Maybe you would like to share your best tips on how to save fresh water and we could make a big guide here on Make it last! Would love to hear your thoughts on this!



Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 14 March, 2016

Update your shirt

Yesterday I spent the whole day in the studio with scissors in one hand and needle and tread in the other. I can’t wait to show you the videos we have made with Gant that will be featured here on Make it last in April!

Easy wear

Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 12 March, 2016

For the time being

What a beautiful day this is! The sun is out and I have spent the morning at one of my favorite coffee shops preparing some work for next week. Today I am wearing this very simple outfit, but it is these kind of easy wear garment that make me feel the most stylish actually. The jeans might be one of my best buys this spring. They are very lose and one of four trousers that still fit my big belly. The rest of the day I am going to spend embroidering I can’t tell you why for the time being, BUT I will try show you the result in two weeks time. Have a great Saturday!


Sweater, super old. Jeans, Beyond Retro.

By the end of summer

Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 11 March, 2016

A piece to invest in for autumn

Organic cotton sweater, Boomerang.
This is a sweater that I can not wait to get my hands on. It is knitted in Sweden and made with a hundred procent organic cotton. The details are perfect in every way and I could not think about a more timeless classic piece to invest in for autumn. You will find it out in stores by the end of summer.

Thinking about buying a new sofa? Read this before you do!

Thinking about buying a new soffa? Read this before you do! Bemz is broadening the collection Bemz Respect, a collection in which sustainable materials and care for nature are in focus. For you who do not know what Bemz is here is a short explanation: their business idea is to extend the life of IKEA furnitures such as sofas and armchairs. The fabrics for the respect collection are manufactured entirely without water or additives to color. How? They use spillage from the fashion industry recovered to a high quality textiles. So if you want to give your sofa a face lift check out the Respect collection here.

Buy Buy Baby

Posted in Life
by Emma Elwin on 10 March, 2016

Emma Elwin had a quest to buy the whole baby wardrobe second hand. Here is the story!

Being pregnant is, at the moment, really nice! But I am really looking forward to meet this new little person. We don’t know if it is a girl or a boy, we want it to be a surprise.

When I moved into my new apartment I had the idea of buying most furniture second hand. It has not only been a way to find unique and beautiful things and avoiding to buy newly produced things but it has also saved me so much money. So when we stated planing for the baby I knew I wanted to do the same thing there. I started searching for the brands that I know produce all their baby clothes with toxic free sustainable materials and from there on it was super easy. Within two weeks the whole wardrobe for the baby was bought. So for a 100 euros I got fourteen bodys, six pairs of trousers, three pairs of socks, two sweaters, one pyjamas and one pair of dungarees. I thought it would be a lot more work than it was, and now I am so happy to have all the clothes sorted out already. The fact that the clothes are already used is of course also great for both the baby and the environment. And – we saved over 200 Euro buying the clothes second hand!

These are some of my finds at Tradera, find more kids clothes here!

A year ago

Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 9 March, 2016

My favorite basics

Jacket and jeans, Acne studios. Sweater, Wood wood. Hat, April fool.

Almost exactly a year ago Lisa and I spend a week in Famara. How completely different life was a year ago! The only thing that has not changed is that I still wear the garments in the picture all the time. When this picture was taken Make it last was only a few months old and both Lisa and I was working like crazy, we still are and it is just as much fun today as it was a year ago. Today we are so happy that the Make it last is growing bigger and so we are looking for a key account manager to join our team in Stockholm! You’ll find more information here!

Stay Grounded

Posted in Life
by Emma Elwin on 8 March, 2016

Emma Elwin is prepared for a evening of yoga.

Today I have my first pregnancy yoga class and I have to say that it feels a bit weird going to a yoga class when I can hardly bend over to tie my shoes. Well I am more than ready for a yoga class in terms of gadgets. The mat is made by my friend Anja and her yoga partner Iman. They could not find a yoga mat that was kind to both body and environment. Their mats are made of naturally durable rubber and are free from metals such as lead and cadmium. Also free from toxic glue, phtalates, latex and silicone. The patterned top is made of a soft vegan suede printed with water-based ecological paint.


Top and tights, Boob. Yoga mat, Grounded Factory. Water flask, Klean kanteen.

Getting Bigger

Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 7 March, 2016

Baby kicking

Shirt, Rika. Tights, Boob.

I have to say it feels a bit weird having a growing belly, I keep forgetting it’s there and it always make me smile when I realize that I can no longer see my own feet. Weird in a good way though! The best part of the day is at night when I am lying in the sofa and I can feel the baby kicking and moving around. I have switched all my jeans to stretch tights. These ones are certified by Oeko-tex and are super comfy!

The ribbed top

Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 4 March, 2016

I can not wait for spring

Sweaters, Gant Rugger. 

Lisa came back to the office the other day with these two sweaters. They might be the perfect ribbed sweaters for spring, I can see them paired with a white pair of jeans and white sneakers. I really can not wait for spring!

On my desk

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by Emma Elwin on

Emma Elwin is busy planing the hectic up coming week with five dogs at the office.

Reading tablet, AltewaiSaome & Lenovo. Glases, Céline. Note block, Granit.

Today I am preparing for next weeks shoot, a press lunch with Lisa Yang and two days of look book styling. I am both exited and a tiny bit stressed. At the office today we have five dogs which means that our dream about turing the office in to a doggie day care is almost coming true. Having dogs around differently makes you less stressed. I am a firm believer in that having a dog is the best cure for heartbreak, stress and loneliness.


Four of the five dogs: Vita, Dolce, Bobbie and Stella.

Shoe care

Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 3 March, 2016

Shoe shine box

Dreamy loafers from Industri of all nations.

This weekend I want to make my own shoe shine box. Most the shoes that I’ve been using this winter need some extra love. First off I am going to do some research when it comes to shoe care because I have to say that don’t have a clue of where to start or what to buy. Do you guys have any good shoe care tipp


Shoe care kit from Tangent GC.

Green Kale Pasta Sauce

Posted in Life
by Emma Elwin on 2 March, 2016

This is Emma Elwin favorite food recipe at the moment.

I have not had to change my diet that much since I got pregnant the only thing I have added are som extra snacks during the day and some iron rich greens. One of the recipe that has become a favorite is this green sauce pasta which is filled with vitamins and iron.

400 grams of frozen chopped kale
100 grams of frozen green peas.
2 table spoons of oliv oil
1 dl grated vegan cheese
1 clove of garlic (or two if you like)
1 onion
1 teaspoon black truffle oil
1/2 Soy cooking creme
Salt and black pepper

Chop the garlic and onion and fry until golden i the oliv oil. Add the frozen kale and peas and stir on mid temperatur for 5 minutes. Add the cooking cream and let the it simmer for 3 minutes. Add the cheese, truffle oil, salt and pepper and stir until all the ingrediens are mixed. Serve with pasta and top it of with some flaxseed. And the remember the pasta never waits for the sauce!

Cashmere Flares

Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 1 March, 2016

My big belly

Knitted sweater and trousers, Lisa Yang. Long sweater, Boob.

I have finally found a pair of trousers that fit my big belly! Since they are made of cashmere they are so comfy but since the fit is a bit flare I still think the work great at the office. They might be the perfect pair for when your pregnant I am pairing them with a long sweater from the pregnancy brand Boob made from the sustainable material lyocell.

Linen shoes

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by Emma Elwin on

Summer dress and tanned legs

Shoes, Eytys.

I can not wait to take these puppies for a walk. I have a love for beige linen fabric that I can’t quite explain. Linen is a great alternative to cotton since the flax does not require quite as much water as cotton. Linnen is also a very durable material! Can’t wait to pair them with a summer dress and tanned legs.

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